Dec 30, 2009

Green for Iran ?

So there is this “green revolution” going on on youtube meaning that if you support the people in Iran you should turn your channel icon in green. And I've been getting messages about it , asking me if I’m gonna do it and if I support the people in Iran (which, ofcourse, I do) and what do I think about all this and a few were asking what is the green movement about. So I just wanted to talk about it a bit because you may be used to me having very strong opinions on things and with this I honestly just don’t know.

So this is what’s going on … earlier this year in June the Iranian people voted on their presidential elections. And the battle was between the last president Ahmadinejad who basically rules a dictatorship-like regime in Iran … Iran is now a theocratic Islamic republic, meaning that God , or in this case Allah, is considered to be the supreme ruler and the Government operates on Islamic based principles .

The second candidate for presidency was Mousavi who is a reformist and apparently the majority of Iranians who want to change the current theocracy into a democracy supported him.

When Ahmadinejad won the elections, the result surprised everybody and it was concluded that the election were a fraud so the Iranians took the streets into a huge protest militating in support of Mousavi and democracy. But the law enforcements acted very aggressively and a lot of people were shot to death or beaten up or arrested. And this reminded me so much of the Revolution that took place in my own country back in 89. Anyway this is what the green movement is about … green was Mousavi’s color for presidential campaign but it turned into a symbol of the fight for freedom and democracy and protest against the fraudulent elections. So of course I support Iran in this and as a humanist I strongly oppose the theocratic regime there.

BUT … there are also other things to consider. For instance, while Ahmadinejad always spoke very strongly against the United States, Mousavi declared that his foreign policy plan will focus on reducing tensions with other nations. This includes negotiating U.S. Which is not a bad thing but my main concern is that the sudden support shown for the green revolution may be not what it seems and that US may be more interested in Iran’s nuclear weapons and oil and having another "pet government" there ... and less in the Iranian people . I mean, if you look at what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq , the people there were also promised freedom and in turned into a total different thing.

So this is what my concern is … I’m just afraid the this fight for freedom, which I’m certain is very genuine and our support for it, which is also genuine, might be misused.

Anyway, like I said, I am not sure about this, I just don’t know ... so please share your ideas with me because I'm interested in what you're thinking, as for me the situation is far from clear. And again, I do support the Iranian people, democracy and freedom. Always.

Dec 25, 2009

I like the Christmas tree (and so does my cat)

The Christmas tree has always been my favorite part of Christmas, even more so then the presents. I was the one decorating the tree year after year ever since I could do it myself.

It may seem strange that I still wanna have a tree even though I will be by myself in the house with no kids around (except for some guests that are just about to arrive for a short visit) but for some reason decorating the tree always brings me much joy.

I also liked presents when I was a kid because having very little money my mom always made me presents herself and I cherish them to this day. However, now days Christmas seems to be more about consumerism and no one ever gives hand-made presents anymore. And why does it have to be Christmas to be generous anyway ? I have a lot more things to complain about related to this Holiday but hell with it, I don’t wanna ruin your merry-ness :)

So here is a “decorating the tree” video and don’t bitch about what I’m wearing. I’m feeling festive y’all ;) I wish I could have featured my cat cos she came in right after I finished recording and was very pleased with it. Btw it’s an ecological tree that I’ve had for several years.

Dec 22, 2009

Bitchy, depressed blog

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you wake up so depressed you just go “arghhhhh please no, not another day!” ? Yeah, today is one of them. Yesterday I realized I will no longer have a person in my life, someone I care about deeply. Isn’t it strange how attached we get to so many things even if we know …well, at least if we think about it, that at some point it will, with no doubt, end.

And I am talking about ALL the things that we become attached to, whether it’s something you like to do that at some point you won't be able to do it anymore, or if it's a pet that you know it’s gonna die ….or a person, because that’s gonna end too. They will in the worse case die, or just leave you or simply turn out to be different from who you thought they were or who they seemed to be. Either way it will reach an end and you will get hurt. By the time we are 80 (if we ever reach that age) we have been heartbroken and crushed so many times we are just damaged shells of what we used to be and can’t even recognize ourselves in our young times memories.

And yet, we have to bond and care … it’s just nature’s way to keep us going. Our desire to live / will to survive is obviously stronger when we are attached like this. However, I do consciously try to avoid it and most of the times I succeed. It’s very rare that I let someone get close to me … and I never once cared about a person to later stop caring about them. Never happened. And I’m talking about all kinds of relationships, from an ex boyfriend to family, friends, whatever. Even after years went by with no contact and I still care about them and if I allow myself to get swept in the memories, I miss them deeply. And even though I know many people can go from caring about someone to not giving a fuck about them, I know for sure that “endings” are no fun for anyone. Anyway, no matter what happens we do go on … more damaged and fucked up every time but we continue. With few exceptions.

I also hate how distracting those personal dramas are. I feel like … well, not like a have a “mission” but I do see the world for what it is and I feel like I have to do something. Because most people don’t want to see it, they are content with making the best out of each day and never stop to take a look around. We are destroying ourselves, we are destroying the world we live in and everything around us. And if we who can see that don’t try to change it ..who will ? Whenever I see Maryam Namazie speak I get humbled by her will and bravery. I hope someday I will grow enough "balls" to do more than just talk to a camera.

But I don’t think it’s gonna happen today. Today I plan on watching a movie, maybe make a book review if I’m up for it and hopefully we’ll get some clear skies cos I always feel better after stargazing. Btw …thanks M. for putting up with my moodiness ;)

If you had the patience to read all this crap, I'm really sorry ;) Here is a real activist, Maryam Namazie's :

Dec 8, 2009


I watched a couple videos about drugs and their "relationship" with spirituality and I was about to make a reply but after I turned on the camera , as I was thinking about what I was about to say, I realized that Gary (DoNotGod, Inmendham, etc on YouTube) said everything there was to be said and I remained "wordless" so instead this turned into a smoking video.

Yes I use pot, not everyday but most of the times I use it a couple times a week, although there are times when a couple months go by without smoking just cos I don't feel like it. The thing is, I admit I smoke it because I like it, not because I think it's "beneficial" (for me) in some other way. And I like it cos' it makes me feel good without having to pay a high price for it (not talking about money). I never got into harder drugs. I never even got into smoking tobacco precisely because (for me) the price I'd pay is not worth the pleasure I'd get from it. I know people smoke pot for different reason but please just stop with the "argument from spirituality" ... smoking pot doesn't "enlighten" you, it doesn't make you see things clearer, it doesn't make you understand things better, it doesn't make you a better person and it certainly DOES NOT lead you to "another dimension". It's just chemicals affecting the brain, nothing more , nothing less.

However, I do hate it when heavy drinkers are preaching about how bad pot is. It may be for you but not for me. I do drink on occasions but never to get drunk because I DON'T LIKE being drunk. I like being high. For me, alcohol is an inhibitor while pot is an activator. When I'm drunk I just feel nauseated and wanna go to sleep. When I'm high I feel like I wanna dance and write and think and talk about everything and fuck and go out in the rain. I just feel good and for me personally, in some 12 years since I've been an occasional pot smoker, there have been no side effects besides the fact that sometimes (rarely) my eyes sting a bit for a couple hours.

Anyway, here's the smoking video ...I know it's all pointless and shit but I just got Hollywood like that today. What can you do ?

Dec 1, 2009

Thank you Alan

For my charity auction winner :)

More details are in this video by dprjones :
My auction link was this :

Nov 29, 2009

Making k-rina

I was about to go out and for no apparent reason decided to do this. I'm bored. I really miss making videos and editing them ...

Oct 18, 2009

Shakira fail challenge

It's the challenge for DefenderOfReason, this will be on her channel along with her challenge and Peach's challenge. Oh and the music is from a Shakira concert, I didnt add sound effects and shit.

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If you dont know what this is all about , watch her video :

Oct 2, 2009

Pizza for David

We made a deal one day that if he makes a video I will make him a cooking vid. He forgot about it. I didn't :P

Happy birthday to you ...

David's channels :

Jun 14, 2009

Cat video :/

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Apr 4, 2009

But dude, religion is harmless .....

What about the moderate religious people? Te ones who don’t use their religion to discriminate or to wallow in ignorance, what harm can religion possibly do?

I really don’t have anything against religious people as long as their views are not hurting others. My husband is a Christian, so are my most of my friends. I also have a few Muslim friends. Even on YouTube I am subscribed to a few Christians, Pagans, Wiccans and so on, and I really like them. I have come to understand that some people feel the NEED to have some type of spirituality in their lives. And I have no problem with that.

But this is how I see this: it’s like having all your possessions stocked in a basement that has an invisible door. You are sure that the door is real and you lock it yourself everyday, so you feel safe. But the reality is that anyone can get into your basement and still all your shit … and you won’t even know what hit you and how the hell could that happen.

I haven't slept in almost 36 hours

And so it is ...

Just a video that got removed by youtube ...

Song Damien Rice - "The Blower's Daughter

Mar 28, 2009

I went to the park today

I have this strange "love-hate" relationship with nature. I never understood how Pantheists can worship nature ... living sentient creatures feeding on other living sentient creatures in a never-ending fight for survival, with no other purpose than just keep on feeding and breeding, until death.

And yet, being in nature always made me feel good. I have such a fascination for the beauty of it, even if I'm aware of the the ugliness behind all of this ….

I like the park. And I like my boots.

Blog, yay

So I finally have a blog. My intention is to write here and post pictures every day, let’s see how this goes. I only have a crappy Panasonic LZ8 which will have to do until I can afford a decent

This is in front of a place called "Hangout", it hosts concerts and stuff. I haven't been to a concert in 2 months ....