Oct 2, 2009

Pizza for David

We made a deal one day that if he makes a video I will make him a cooking vid. He forgot about it. I didn't :P

Happy birthday to you ...

David's channels :


Anonymous said...

Your cooking now!

Lord Runolfr said...

It looks good, but I don't think I could actually reproduce it from those instructions.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, are you really tall or is your stove really short?

spottedwolf said...

Yummy lookin' pizza.....and a square pan is just fine. Suzanne...my keeper...makes great homemade pizza too.

Anonymous said...

Pizza looks very yummy! How in the world did you manage to cook anything with tomatoes in it while wearing white and not get little red spots all over you? I've failed to accomplish that yet :)

Anonymous said...

yummy, yummy, yummy, oh yea the pizza looks good too.

Anonymous said...

Kitty was cute, pizza looked yummy, but I couldn't follow your recipe text because of the distraction of your butt in those tight pants. Yowza girl, have mercy on mortal man!

Anonymous said...

too distracted from your nice ass gonna watch it again and take notes

Sean Yates said...
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Sean Yates said...

hi, i came across your youtube channel and then your blog, your work is very progressive and captivating, love the concept and the art.

i share your line of thinking and have dedicated a blog to asking questions about the accepted establishment, if you'd like check it out


a moment in time

what bothers you more, the difference between
the haves and the have nots or the haves and the have lots?
if you're at a bar having shots, are you thinking about the family too poor to have cots?
is freedom something that we have bought?
a hot commodity or did we get it through barbaric robbery?
is it a hobby, here one day and gone the next?
is it only for the rich and snobby, those who gather in hotel lobbies to sip their exotic coffees?
or is freedom a frame of mind rather than a moment in time?
attainable by anyone, the old, the young, the smart, even the dumb?
if so how do we explain the slums? did they choose to be bums?
who makes the choices in this world of ours?
is it the leaders? the bleeders on the battle fields? or the people in the cattle fields?
i'm starting to think that it's all collusion, an illusion
is it corruption or political prostitution?
are we just all equal cowards?
that'll turn coat at the faintist whisper of power
to be showered in riches and surrounded by bitches?
which is more important to you, aesthetics or ethics?
funny how the answer changes when you're facing a medic
what happens when you're on death's door, waiting to knock
will you take stock in the minutes left on that tick-tock clock or go into shock?
wondering where your life went, what you did, where you went
how much time was spent with those who truly matter
i know what an unruly matter, but my brain is scattered and i think it deserves some chatter
do you know the dice are loaded, that the fix is in?
yet you still think you can win?
will you indulge in a life of sin? do whatever to get your in?
or will you take solace in your next of kin?
drugs and alcohol seem enough to satisfy us all
so it gets hard to call when you're face to face with the wailing wall and can't shed a tear
because you've run out of fear, with every minute spent here it gets even more weird
even harder to steer clear of the bullshit that goes in one and out the other ear
one minute hoping a revolution is near , the next i'm shifting gears when i see her
till i figure it out i'll drown my sorrows in beer, lift my spirits with greenery
and kick back and enjoy the scenery

Kalamain said...

Any chance of getting the recipe somehow?

I tried following the on screen comments too....Not enough detail...And I too got distracted!

Paraponera said...

That pizza needs some ham and salami. Also, I'd still like to hear your opinion on transhumanism, lol.

Anonymous said...

Please change the name of this vid to something more appropriate, like "Five Minutes of K-rina's Ass".

Anonymous said...

What a lovely present! I'm jealous of David.

Robert Dobolina, Esq. said...

[horrible joke]The addition of cat would make the pizza less vegeterian, but potentially more fabulous.[/horrible joke]

Happened upon here by your movie review of Wolverine, which exuded "cat poo" from its proverbial pores and which I therefore refused to see. Judging from the rest of your reco's, I'm pretty confident that you provide the perspective I would have had if I'd seen it.

Totally joking about the cat thing.

Sean Yates, for all that I agree with your perspective, your questionnaire/poem (which, by the way, is really quite beautiful and which I really like a lot) may be difficult to answer on account of some of the questions are leading. You may benefit by restructuring it to avoid this.

Robert Dobolina, Esq. said...

"because you've run out of fear, with every minute spent here it gets even more weird"

For example, I expect there are pretty few people who ever run out of fear. Though I'm sure you're out there and good on you.

Jose Alonso Leon said...

Hi K-Rina,

don't you find offensive to have Google adds on your blog that promote the church of Scientology? I seems to me that they are mocking all you are about with your stance on religion. personally I find outrageous that Google takes money from an organization which mission is to take all the money they can from their followers. Your views about religious people mirror my own, let them believe what they want, but when organizations such as the church of scientology start abusing these poor people and with the help of Google and its powerful marketing machine then I think its simply going one step too far, don't' you?

- Mark - said...

The cooking vid is cool, but everything you do is really wonderful. You are a beautiful soul - thanks for sharing yourself. :)

Andrei said...

Ar fi tare dacă i-ai trimiteo prin postă.
Mi-l imaginez găsind o bucata de ceva verde și maron intr-un plic in fața ușii XD

Anonymous said...

yeast *and* baking soda? Isn't that a bit of overkill? Or is one of them used to flavor the dough?

hippiemuslim said...

Oribil :))

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment on how girls look in videos (because what's the point?), but that ass is RIDICULOUS. You have a beautiful soul, but it doesn't hurt that the outside matches.

Anonymous said...

Wtf. Pizza is not what you're trying to display. The angle is perfectly in place so that you can stand with your back turned and show off your ass.

So stupid it's not funny.

Anonymous said...

no such thing at backing power. you suck(hopefuly not just at english)

Anonymous said...

Mda, am parcurs nitel si ce au spusera altii înainte si vreo doi dintre ei aveau dreptate în ce priveste fundul tau: suntem tentati mai degraba sa ne uitam la el decât la ce faci (suntem asa programati). Oricum e ceva destul de excitant sa vezi o fata frumoasa, eleganta, gatind; par doua lucruri exclusive, poate chiar contradictorii (gatitul e asociat cu o nenorocita legata la cap, asudata, care roboteste în jurul sobei) dar (BUT), uneori poate fi atâtator când e facut de o fata cu o bluza larga, studiat "sleampata" si cu pantaloni strîmti. Cred ca multi si-ar dori o asa nevasta. Numai un idiot nu ar aprecia asa ceva. Cred ca mult provine si din faptul ca tot ce faci pare un preludiu la altceva, sau un interludiu, nu stiu, dar pari ca si transplantata în bucatarie, desi priceputa, locul tau nu pare de loc acolo.
A, sa nu uit: ardeiul iute nu e bun sa-l prajesti; e foarte bun pentru sanatate crud, dar nu gatit, devenind, pe dos, nociv. Am citit io asta undeva. Usturoiul îsi pierde si el iute calitatile daca e gatit (desi miroase minunat un timp, la început când îl prajesti, dar mirosul e înselator, e precum cântecul lui de lebada ca asa zic asa - ca aiurea mai vorbesc).
Tot Necula ala

Anonymous said...

"Cheese" and "vegetarian" don't go very well in the same sentence.

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