Mar 28, 2009

I went to the park today

I have this strange "love-hate" relationship with nature. I never understood how Pantheists can worship nature ... living sentient creatures feeding on other living sentient creatures in a never-ending fight for survival, with no other purpose than just keep on feeding and breeding, until death.

And yet, being in nature always made me feel good. I have such a fascination for the beauty of it, even if I'm aware of the the ugliness behind all of this ….

I like the park. And I like my boots.

Blog, yay

So I finally have a blog. My intention is to write here and post pictures every day, let’s see how this goes. I only have a crappy Panasonic LZ8 which will have to do until I can afford a decent

This is in front of a place called "Hangout", it hosts concerts and stuff. I haven't been to a concert in 2 months ....