Dec 30, 2009

Green for Iran ?

So there is this “green revolution” going on on youtube meaning that if you support the people in Iran you should turn your channel icon in green. And I've been getting messages about it , asking me if I’m gonna do it and if I support the people in Iran (which, ofcourse, I do) and what do I think about all this and a few were asking what is the green movement about. So I just wanted to talk about it a bit because you may be used to me having very strong opinions on things and with this I honestly just don’t know.

So this is what’s going on … earlier this year in June the Iranian people voted on their presidential elections. And the battle was between the last president Ahmadinejad who basically rules a dictatorship-like regime in Iran … Iran is now a theocratic Islamic republic, meaning that God , or in this case Allah, is considered to be the supreme ruler and the Government operates on Islamic based principles .

The second candidate for presidency was Mousavi who is a reformist and apparently the majority of Iranians who want to change the current theocracy into a democracy supported him.

When Ahmadinejad won the elections, the result surprised everybody and it was concluded that the election were a fraud so the Iranians took the streets into a huge protest militating in support of Mousavi and democracy. But the law enforcements acted very aggressively and a lot of people were shot to death or beaten up or arrested. And this reminded me so much of the Revolution that took place in my own country back in 89. Anyway this is what the green movement is about … green was Mousavi’s color for presidential campaign but it turned into a symbol of the fight for freedom and democracy and protest against the fraudulent elections. So of course I support Iran in this and as a humanist I strongly oppose the theocratic regime there.

BUT … there are also other things to consider. For instance, while Ahmadinejad always spoke very strongly against the United States, Mousavi declared that his foreign policy plan will focus on reducing tensions with other nations. This includes negotiating U.S. Which is not a bad thing but my main concern is that the sudden support shown for the green revolution may be not what it seems and that US may be more interested in Iran’s nuclear weapons and oil and having another "pet government" there ... and less in the Iranian people . I mean, if you look at what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq , the people there were also promised freedom and in turned into a total different thing.

So this is what my concern is … I’m just afraid the this fight for freedom, which I’m certain is very genuine and our support for it, which is also genuine, might be misused.

Anyway, like I said, I am not sure about this, I just don’t know ... so please share your ideas with me because I'm interested in what you're thinking, as for me the situation is far from clear. And again, I do support the Iranian people, democracy and freedom. Always.


Heather Ann said...

I think we (the global community) can lend our voices to support and at the same time oppose US intervention. FFS, the US has their fingers in enough pies and we seem to F- Up whatever we touch! I mirrored cdk007's videos (but I don't have much of a YouTube channel) and I changed my Twitter pic to green.
We're talking about this now. That's huge. WE're talking about the possibility of the US getting involved and the terrible ramifications of such involvment. That has to count for something. The movement is starting now and I guarantee you we will grow and make our voices heard if the US attempts to interfere. Shoot, China already owns our asses, like we have the money to help! :(

reggie said...

This is to show support to the Iranian people who want change, not for supporting the U.S. government's desires.

But all fights for freedom are abused or misused eventually.

Kazuki said...

Excellent evaluation! I support a people promoted revolution, not a revolution reigned in under the dropping of American bombs and opportunistic imperialism (we've learned that lesson already, it doesn't work).

Peace my friend.

Anonymous said...

That was really well said K-Rina! :),

It actually got me thinking. I mean I actually did mirror that "Green revolution" video on youtube that has been going around. At the same time though, I think about how barbaric, disturbing and ignorant the current Iranian government is... Everything from "homosexuals do not exist in Iran" to denying the Holocaust, just goes further to exemplify the substantial and unfixable issues present within the current Iranian government. The people are being horribly suppresed... I also have a deep concern for Israel. As Iran develops its weapons further, Iran posses a more severe and imminent threat to the civilians of Iran. Even though the US has done bad things... they have also attempted to restructure places like Iraq, with fairly good progress; terrorist attacks are much less frequent. At the same time I do see your concerns, I guess its very hard to weigh each of the issues...

thisisalie said...

Anyone who believes this so called green revolution is anything else but a setup is either stupid or blind. The pictures with the pretty women in green hijabs giving the peace sign and smiling for the camera are as fake as this chick's hair color.

Dale Husband said...

thisisalie, it is you that are lying and trying to intimidate people with your denials. Maybe you are a member of the Iranian secret police, no?


Avi said...

Listen I don't know and no one really knows if obama or the rest of his cabinet will use this green peace to use to help get a hand on iran, me personally i think he won't but even if he does that doesn't mean we should not show public dissaproval, if green is for mousavi and orginizing relations with america then let us change that, let green become a sign of freedom of speech and democracy and a country really for it's people, just because some beaurocrats want to abuse something doesnt mean that we have to not support it, we HAVE TO support the people in Iran because they do not have anyone else to count on, but we also HAVE TO make sure that that is our only goal, we need to speak out for the iranian people but also remind the world that this is for the people and not the government, no one in the iranian or american government is getting beaten shot at or run over and who knows what else was not caught on tape, just put the green sign not in sign of support of having america invade iran but to let the iranian people be heard and having themselves to make their own country as a democracy not let america do it for them as we've seen in afghanistan and iraq.

LLJames said...

thisissallie, condemnation without investigation is the height of arrogance.

Xethavosh said...

This is exactly what I though... So I decided to put my icon to green but with the text "Support IRAN". Instead of the more common, free Iran. Which is up to enterpretation.

Anonymous said...

i love you. Wish we could heal the world together. your beautiful


JB said...


Terrorist attacks are less frequent now? How can you look at what the US is doing around the world and NOT see it as terrorism? The terrorism has increased dramatically and the US is to blame.

Anonymous said...

I think that turning your icon green would be seen exactly the way it is intended - as support for the Iranian people.

I don't think anyone looks at AronRa's green icon and thinks, "that greedy American wants his government to storm into Iran & set up some kind of puppet regime." They see a man who supports the Iranian struggle against a brutal theocracy.

I suggest you not fret over this. If you support the green revolution, go ahead and turn your icon green.

PencilsAreAwesome said...

I think you are beyond moronic if you think the U.S. government doesn't have a valid and reasonable interest in seeing that Iran, run by religious theocrats who frequently call for the death of the United States and, in the case of Ahmadinejad, the nuclear destruction of nearby Israel and the widespread nuclear retaliation, and probably other-country escalation that would release, does NOT get nuclear weapons.

All, of course, to be brought about when Ahmadinejad's hidden "12th Imam" (he's a member of a special Shia cult that believes in this more so than average) returns.

There are times when you are bright, and there are times when you are not bright. Your reflexive pacifism and strident anti-American attitudes are times when you are not bright.

Anonymous said...

I am ALL with the IRANIAN people. If Inranians overthrow the dictator and a new government will kiss US ass, SO BE IT! People deserve freedom. If they cannot handle freedom and their country becomes a cow to be milked, they deserve that too. More important than fighting for freedom is defending it.

Ant said...

Sometimes the ignorance and cruelty of some people astounds me. even your viewers I understand your position and feel the same.

Caribel1 said...

I wonder if I'm the only one thinking this, but what will be the reaction from the religious zealots in Iran against this new regime? Civil War (Again)? An unstable political system?

Anonymous said...

Noone is always a 100% right..
But i belive the White House and Congress is filled with greedy people..
Blood for Oil Money and Control is easy if its not your own Blood

LynxCHAN said...

I think the concern of foreign misuse of the honest aspirations of people is legitimate, but insufficient to warrant withholding our support.

Let's be honest; governments on the whole don't care about lofty ideals like "freedom" and "happiness" in countries outside their own. They want countries to be stable and economically active and friendly to them. Whether that means a dictatorship or a flourishing democracy is a secondary matter. So yes, the US government may indeed prefer the overthrow of the current regime due mostly to economic and security concerns.


Just because someone is supporting the cause of liberty for cynical reasons doesn't mean you don't support that cause. The people of Iran want to be free, and they are showing courage in the face of deadly oppression to achieve it. The PEOPLE of the outside world should stand up and declare that their cause is just, that we support them as a people, not as a self-interested government.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion of America is as valid as your dumb ass ignorant views on 9-11 truthers and chem-trails. You're thoughtfull and intelligent and a fine example of critical thinking on some subjects, and you're as dumb as dog shit on others.

Anonymous said...

i dont think USA will do in iran what they did in afghanistan and iraq, but if so than people really should do something.

ANYWAY - the situation of iran will be BETTER with the green movement

Chris said...

I would not be in the least bit surprised if Western intelligence services were working to support the green movement in some way, after all it undoubtedly aligns with our own interests. However, there is a big difference between this and the sham democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan because to the extent that the West is involved, they are supporting a popular revolution of the Iranian people, rather than crashing into the country with all guns blazing.

If our intelligence agencies _are_ aiding the green movement in its quest for democracy then I applaud them for that fact.

Anonymous said...

The US turns everything it touches to shit, and should definitely stay out of this (not that it will, of course...). Iran needs a revolution, however. A real one, that completely destroys the old system, not just half assed protests or ugly political compromises (as seen in for example Zimbabwe).

There is a distinctly anti-religious undertone in these protests, and this is something that needs to be recognized and encouraged by atheists everywhere. If this does turn into a full blown revolution at some point, it could be a revolution against ALL forms of oppression, including the dogma of religion, not just Ahmadinejad and his regime. What we, as atheists and freethinkers need to do now is flood Iran with radical secular texts and videos. Stimulate the nascent secular movement, let them know they're RIGHT, that the time is NOW, and that they have our (moral) support.

They can use the momentum of these protests to achieve positive change that's even radical by Western standards, but ONLY if this turns into real revolution. Moderate pacifism is decadent weakness, and what they need now is STRENGTH. They need to let their souls burn with righteous anger, and rain DEATH upon the enemies of reason, freedom, and progress. The machinery of change needs to be powered by brute force; only ultraviolence unleashed can wipe the slate clean.

How can we help? Hackers could help prepare, or (independently) launch, cyber attacks on Iran's government websites and communications, and help set up secure communication channels for the protesters. People with military expertise could help the protesters organize and instruct them regarding the manufacture and use of IEDs, fuel bombs, and other improvised weapons. Others can simply help spread the message, both inside Iran and on the Internet as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Well, I turned mine green. It's in support of the people of Iran to take their liberty. It's not in support of an imperialist regime to gain a pretext at invasion, take over, and control. You're view is well thought out, and I support it as well. Thanks for your thoughts.

PencilsAreAwesome said...

No one in their right mind actually WANTS to invade Iran.

Certainly not Obama and the United States with, if you'll recall, it's Democratic Party run House AND Senate.

There's no way in heck the USA wants a third front right now, one with the size and population of Iran. Rather, it would prefer a non-crazy regime that, while run by Muslims (as Muslim countries tend to be), isn't pursuing nuclear weapons to start a war in the Middle East.

One that's at least somewhat Democratic and representative of its people.

To think that the Americans WANT to occupy Iran is just nuts. Want the evil regime gone? Sure.

That said, all who support the people of Iran gaining their freedom, kudos to you.

The Science Pundit said...

There is a distinctly anti-religious undertone in these protests, and this is something that needs to be recognized and encouraged by atheists everywhere.

There is certainly an anti-theocracy undertone, but I'm not sure about an anti-religious one. Back in June, one of the protest activities was for people to shout "Allahu Akbar!" from their rooftops at night. I don't know what portion of the protesters participated in this activity, or if that's still happening (news fro Iran is much harder to get today than it was in June). Anyway, the only route to regime change in Iran that I see at the moment is if the "reform clerics" turn on the ruling clerics, and they will only do that when they think that they can get the support of the military which will only happen when the situation on the ground gets really out of control. Such a move would still be, in my opinion, a step towards a weakened theocracy as the reform clerics will have to champion the cause of the protesters (call new elections, institute democratic reforms, etc.)

And yes, I proudly greened both my thumbnail image and page background on both my YouTube channel and my blog. Go Green!

PencilsAreAwesome said...


Hear, hear.

Thread winner. Well put.

Anonymous @ December 31, 2009 4:26 AM:

Close second.

And — no — I am not American.

Did you miss the part, Cristina, where Christopher Hitchens, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, et al., emigrated to America precisely because in a cynical world it epitimized true human freedom as well as anybody?

maxomai said...

Speaking as an American, the LAST thing I want is for my government to so much as even HINT at intervention. Such threats would weaken the revolution and strengthen Admendinejad's hand.

It looks to me like Obama and Clinton are smart enough to realize this, very much unlike their predecessors.

PencilsAreAwesome said...

"The US turns everything it touches to shit, and should definitely stay out of this (not that it will, of course...)"

I'd rather say the USA improved (and then protected) Germany, Austria, Hungary, Japan, and Italy.

Indeed, it improved Russia for a time too.

PencilsAreAwesome said...

Correction... it didn't protect Hungary, unfortunately.

Although it eventually helped liberate it, as over a billion other people in Eastern Europe.

PencilsAreAwesome said...

But, whatever. Assuming the USA is a shitty country (where you just so happen to be able to write what you want including that the President of your choice is an asshole without fear of arrest), that makes no difference about whether people should support the Iranian people against the tyrranny and brutality they're facing at the hands of the dictator-Theocrats.

OF COURSE we should.

pudhead said...

The election in Iran and it's aftermath made it transparently clear that Iran is being ruled by thugs in religious garb, plain and simple. Your analogy to Romania is thus apt - at the time it was ruled by thugs in communist garb. There are too many countries around the world where thugs - whether in the name of religion or some other "idealogic" rationale - rule and abuse their populace in the name of such idealogy.

The protests begun in reaction to the now-proved stolen election were begun as a primarily spontaneous reaction of the populace against the thugs that have been abusing them in the name of Islam for too long. And is still is primarily a protest movement against thuggery. The Revolutionary Guard - a special forces arm controlled (or in control of) Ahmadinejad - are in control of the government and, effectively, the country.

Has the US been trying to use the situation to its advantage? No doubt. As have other countries. That is the way governments currently - and historically - work everywhere they can and believe it to be to their advantage. I don't say that to excuse such actions and behaviour but merely to reiterate the main point that shouldn't be lost - the Iranian people - hundreds of thousands of them - are courageously struggling to get rid of violent thugs who will stop at nothing to stay in power. It is their fight. We - people around the globe who identify with such human courage and struggle - can do little, but the little we can do we must do.

Now, about the thugs who rule North Korea and Zimbabwe and Burma etc., etc. . . .

PencilsAreAwesome said...

I apologize to ZOMGitsCriss.

I was categorically wrong.

I see that I misunderstood her. It is her who is pointing out that this is a real, Iranian movement for Democracy, and that the people who are saying it's only a Yankee-media plot are out to lunch.

For mistaking her on this point (in her YouTube video where I found this blog post), I criticized her for no reason.

Let me change course. ZOMGitsCriss is right and whatever one thinks of America, we should support the heroic regular people fighting for freedom in Iran.


PencilsAreAwesome said...

"So this is what my concern is … I’m just afraid the this fight for freedom, which I’m certain is very genuine and our support for it, which is also genuine, might be misused. I’m worried that US is going to interfere in Iran and be seen as the heroes helping a humanitarian cause, only to turn Iran into another cow they can milk on the expense of the people."

Oh, I stand corrected. Cristina's later YouTube video made sense, but the above statement IS bullshit.

The Americans aren't "milking" Iraq and Afghanistan. They're paying a heavy price in blood and treasure to make something of those former dictatorships.

SeleCure said...

U're right Criss. That's all. Beautiful person !

Anonymous said...

I've followed your posts on youtube for a while now and have been impressed with most of here's what I'm thinking about Iran.

A little background; I'm 57, an American by birth and a strong anti-theist.

The people in Iran shouldn't be shot, run down, or beaten for protesting against their government.

I live in the country that is one of the main causes for the current government in Iran, my government's support for the Shaw and his rule helped to bring about the current governmental system in Iran.

That said...I don't support theocratic governments in any form...what I'm not sure of, is whether the current unrest has do to with a desire for a true representative government or just a different form of theocracy.

So until I know more, I stay balanced on the pole of neutrality and reserve my decision to side with them or not.


Nate said...

Hey Chriss. I read this after watching you're video on the subject. If you're concerned you do have quite a following. Why not try to start some sort of sub-movement? Not quite a schism but a group that supports the massive struggle the Iranians are having for their freedom while aknowledging that this should not be used as another way to gain power by my country as has happened in the past in Iran as well as more recently in nearby nations.

RedRaveRabbit said...

Agree with you 100% Criss

Mousavi is not a new face on the scene... he was active in the revolution that changed Iran from a monarchy to a Repulic, and was Prime Minister in Iran from 1981 to 1989.

Mousavi also worked with Prime minister Khomeini in negociating with the United States for release of the 52 hostages from the US embassy there, in exchange for Weapons from Israel in what became known as the "Iran Contra" affair.

Just saying, The politics of this thing are quite labrynthine and interwoven... I just hope that the Iranian people do not put all of their hope for freedom in one single incumbent (Or Ex-Incumbent as the case may be).

-Redshift the Rave Rabbit (My avatar has always been green)

Anonymous said...

I do support the revolution (of course) and am only slightly concerned that the US will get involved. With the US public opinion soured towards wars like Afghanistan at the moment, I don't see it as much of a possibility. The public opinion at the moment is more "concentrate on the problems we have at home." Obama would have huge resistance to get past even if the public does fully support the revolution in Iran.

Luceafarul said...


I will rise. I will meet whatever fate
Titanic in scale, I will not jump ship.
I will not falter thought through finger tip,
My hope will transcend all dogma of hate.
My stand will be pure, open to debate
Yet stern as steel, impossible to trip.
My steps will ripple and my heart will rip
All pretense of mind and body sedate.
The enemy of my repose is Love
Until the day I die for her, I fight!
Though at times, will less than a mile left, fail...
She alone forgives and brightens my night,
She grants me the stength in the name of
Truth, to bear the light with pride to prevail.


Anonymous said...

If you really believe that freedom exists in any Country in the World then you're conforming to the dumb blonde stereotype.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze and disgust me that people who call others names and put them down horribly want to be considered smart or think they should be paid attention to.

The people on this forum who came to have a MEANINGFUL and INTELLIGENT conversation dont need cyberbullies with ego issues and social deficits baiting matter what their opinions on the topic is.

And, before you chime in and said I contradicted myself by calling you "cyberbullies"-well, if the shoe fits, then the law can definitely back K-rina up on this.

Stay out of the way, and let the people have their say...with respect.

Peace * Love * Chocolate * THINK*

Kaveh said...

Dear K-Rina,

I am Iranian. The fight of Iranian people for freedom is genuine. The brutality of the Iranian thoecracy is real. The green movement is no longer about the election. It is about liberty and freedom.

You don't know how proud I am of my Persian sisters and brothers who fight for freedom and how worried I am for them.

Thanks for your support.

To those who think the Iranian green movement is orchestarted from the U.S. or some other country, get a life, don't watch too many conspiracy theory movies, and be ashamed of your existance.

YENRIO said...

I totaly agree with Kaveh. Iranian islamic republic is a dictatorship and it seems to me that also the riformists don't want to change theocracy in a democracy. But the people that are protesting, fighting and dying they want democracy and freedom. FREE IRAN!

Anonymous said...

I am an American and I understand your concerns about my Countries Government and it's agenda. I too just don't know! I wish we had never gone into Iraq and the people of Iran seem to want a different kind of life for themselves. The current Government is shit! I see the people of Iran trying to fight for their freedom and it makes me sad that their is so much hate in the world that freedom is only given to those that fight and die for it! It makes me sad in my pants. I think the people of Iran are just tired of Ahmadinejad and want to live life like everyone on the planet should be allowed to live. I love watching your videos and now reading your blog. Happy new year from a friend in America. . .

Patrick said...

Cristina: in your last line, you state that you support democracy and freedom.

Question: how is freedom compatible with political democracy?? Think beyond all the propaganda you've heard...political democracy is where the majority of society elects the rulers. And, how is having rulers compatible with freedom?? Simply, it's not.

Archism: the philosophy that people should be ruled.
Anti-archism: the philosophy that people should not be ruled.

I'm an anti-theist and anti-archist. No godz + no gunvernments. :)

Anonymous said...

I honestly fail to see how turning an icon/webpage green is actually going to do anything here? 100 million people marched against the Iraq war and it didn't change a thing. Unless somebody can provide me with another reason, it just seems like people are doing it to make themselves feel better. And don't give me "raising awareness". Okay, I know, now what? Should I get off my ass and change foreign policy or what?

Vincent Vega said...

NICE Vid response, Kris...

The Green Movement represents many different agendas by its very nature. Whenever millions of people rally to a cause, they'll each bring their own set of motives and intentions. My support of Iran's courageous, suppressed majority against the Theocratic totalitarianism that they suffer under is very different from that of citizens from other countries, political parties, belief systems, and walks of life.

As many of you have already stated, this cause is subject to abuse and manipulation for a destructive ulterior motive. However, EVERY cause is subject to being misrepresented by other/darker intentions, which is why dialogues such as this one are so vital. Many of you eloquently raise valid points, and I appreciate your perspectives and information about this Global issue that is in desperate need of illumination. THAT is the green movement - a call for dialogue and information in support of the people of a country who are willing to die for their right to choose who will govern them. And of Course that change must come from within - true change always does.

Rational Thought, Dialogue, and Awareness are what this world needs more of - not ad-hominem attacks and ignorant propaganda fueled rhetoric. Please understand that if all your intellectual arsenal consists of is aggressive insults, you only demonstrate the weakness of your position.

CaptainElectron said...

The only cows who are getting milked are the US citizens who are taxed, regulated and otherwise controlled so that elites can use American blood and treasure to spread their dreams of making a better World. In the USA, government schools teach millions of kids daily that they are "free".

Brad Garcia said...

Who will save us Americans from our government? China? North Korea? Cuba? Venezuela?
There are not many *'free' nations left.

*from the evil grip of the Zionist World Order.

pudhead said...

So Brad Garcia do you really believe the Zionists runs the world? Have you managed to think thu the miasma of the god delusion but piercing thru the absurdity of the zionist conspiracy theory somehow eludes you?

Joey Polanski said...

Sorry to go off-topick, K-rina, but I wish you a Happy New Yearski ...

... AND, since you been known to write a rhyme or two in th past, I invite you to play in our rathr ribald and raunchy annual poetry game.

HERE are th "Rules" ...

... and HERE is your passport.

All of your readrs are invited, and ALL ARE WELCKOME!

Vecna's cave said...

I'm sorry, but I'll wont say anything about this post.
I'd like to say something about you.
I saw some of your movies at Youtube, posted in a brazilian atheist channel.
Well, I couldn't understand everything you said. Unfortunately my english isn't so good. But I understood a lot of things and you are genial!
Seriously, you are just amazing!
Congratulations for thinking by yourself. You should receive a lot of comments like this every day, but I couldn't resist. You are a very fucking amazing girl. (And you have an Ankh. And it's a little more amazing! XD)
That's all.
I hope someday I can know who you are, where you live, why you have this blog and the youtube channel and everything else. But I'll try to read here a little more.
Keep thinking free.
And don't give a fuck to those who blame you for thinking by yourself, like the people who criticized you for this post.

Happy New Year, K-Rina! ^^


.Vecna, from Brazil

Derek said...

Just follow the money. See who will benefit from turmoil in Iran and you'll find the instigators. All the issues are just red-herrings to disguise the root cause (greed, need, ego).

Thanks for your rants Criss!! Nobody else looks so good while spreading bad news :-)

Christoph said...

Vecna's cave, are you as much of a lunatic stalker as it sounds like you are?

GT said...

The march should be against the notion of a deity being a supreme ruler, considering people often like to take action on their behalf.

AslanC said...


I just wanted to jump in and add my two cents to your world.

Whether or not I agree with your viewpoints I have taken great interest and enjoyment out of watching them.

North American women could take a lesson from you on the mastery of beauty and brains, but certainly you don't need yet another person telling you that.

The point I wanted to make was this. The vast majority of the detractors and insults here are done from the safety of the "anonymous" tag and that allows them to be 12 feet tall, as it were.

For you, putting your opinions out into the world, well you are smart enough to know that eventually there are going to be those who disagree with you and quite vocally.

Fuck 'em.

That's the only way to endure and survive and eventually thrive in this game. Fuck 'em and their attitudes and their insults and their small little frightened minds.

You have touched a nerve on their thin skin, or hit too close to home, or just threaten them because you are a woman with a mind and the tits (balls didn't seem right) to state her case.

So once again, and repeat after me;

Fuck 'em

Keep it up K-Dwag.

Anonymous said...

Hi K-Rina

Maybe I missed something, but I couldn't really see the specific connection between the green campaign and the motives of the US government. If people are rightly fighting for freedom they deserve on the streets in Iran, then they also deserve our support. If one of the ways we can show our support is a little gesture like sporting a green avatar, then my choice to do so, should never be seen as anything other than agreement with and support for the people of Iran.

What I don't understand is what the difference is between my show of support and the Iranian protests themselves, other than the obvious physical proximity and degree of commitment. Aren't we are both protesting the same thing? We could fly to Iran and protest with them on the streets, but wouldn't the same concern be valid re: US intervention and taking advantage of the situation? Unless I have missed something, my green avatar is support for the same cause, as the one Iranian citizens are fighting and dying for. If I am right, we can safely go green.

I love your stuff BTW. Keep up the good work. Skepticus (skepticoz)

Anonymous said...

You, Cristina, truly and sincerely rock... that is all

Cristian said...

I think that for this situations its not so easy to refer to what de USA those as turning countries into "pets" or if you will, "Client states", exploting them. I what to give you and example conserning my own country, Chile.

Here USA with the CIA, helped change a Socialist regime that we had between 1970 and 1973.

It is said that USA make us a "satellite" of his liberal capitalism.

That is in part true, but now we have a democracy, industry, jobs, the posibility to get out of poverty through entrepeneurship...and so on, capitalist to the bone, but not bad per se.

Chile is now much better than before the CIA helped our armed forces against the socialists.

USA is not the Sith Empire always, it depends in us the different countries of the world how much of our sovereignty are we willing to give away or to fight (and work) for, wether it is (as it was in the 70s) against the USA or de URSS at that time.

Dark Slander said...

Thought provoking post, I tend to think that this "Green Revolution" should be embraced by collective peoples rather than Governments.

I tend to agree that if the USA does use the situation to only further its own intentions the people will be further ignored. I strongly support the Iranian peoples and their struggle, but I would not want them to win their battle only to fall prey to another foe... with or without intent.

It is not so much the USA itself, but the issue is very sensitive and needs to be (in my opinion) handled very gently with no ill intentions or the thought of future greed. Which may occur with any government stepping in.

Anonymous said...

There is a good reason whyu people leave their country. Here are a few, lack of employment, lack of freedom of believe, and an opressive goverment. Who would like to leave their country and move to iran?

shubhangi said...

I am much delighted to read the post .and the comments I totally agree with you all.

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Anonymous said...

You do realise that you sound just like every crackpot conspiracy theorist.

hotspur said...

Bottom line is the Iranian people will be better off if they become more democratic. And I doubt they will let the US move in immediately with a real "milking" presence. Iran is too big, religious, and remote to be dominated by the US. Also, let's say the revolution fails and the autocracy continues to develop nukes -- what are the consequences? Mainly, Israel is scared, and may attack pre-emptively. An Israeli attack on an Islamic nation would be much more dangerous to the world and to the Iranian people than a democratic revolution, even if the revolution lets the US make more money.

LoneEmpress said...

So I took a look at our video & the blog and I must say that as an AMERICAN, I agree with you whole heartedly. I find it disgusting how our government has handled thing and I hope that america wont interfere on an issue that should be left up to the people of Iran. If I could apologize on behalf of our nation I would, but 1 voice in a culture of driving fear into people isnt gonna do shit. I sincerely wish as a human being in hopes of equality & peace for EVERYONE & not as a woman categorized by what country I'm from that Iran struggle will not be in vain & will see a happy ending with a bright future.

Anonymous said...


James said...

Look, I'm wary of the US taking advantage of the situation if it's not resolved quickly. However, I don't believe that the current administration has any interest in invading Iran. The last elective war that America involved itself in is generally regarded to have been a sham by the majority of Americans and a large part of Obama's support base is anti-war.

However, I caution the optimism for change in Iran. A country filled with so many devote theists will not stop behaving insanely with a new government.

Phillip said...
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Jacob Griesmer said...

The US/UK/Israel already did milk Iran for over 25 years (The Shah - the CIA trained his secret police Nazi torture techniques).

And then we propped up another dictator that gassed Iranians on top of that (Saddam), gas that we sold him, primo technology, war machines and intelligence that we all gave him.

And then we had the dictator killed and dropped the equivalent of tens of thousands of Hiroshima bombs on Iraq in the form of depleted uranium.

Eat our mutations Muslim scum!

Sally said...

You are among the rarest people who believe that U.S shouldn't interfere with Iranian revolution, but you support the movement. That is the big problem with Iranian movement. Iranian government accuses every liberal activist for working in favor of U.S and betraying the country.
There is a huge division between people who fight for freedom in Iran. One group thinks that we need Western countries support in order to succeed. The other group who has more supporters believe that we have to be faithful to our nationality and do everything on our own. No interference from any other foreign government is appreciated.

I appreciate your post and your effort to spread this thought among Western people.

PS: I am from Iran. Thanks for your support

brownsore said...

The US needs to leave Iran alone. There'd be no Ayatollahs in power if Washington hadn't propped up the Shah. The US organizedthe overthrow of the only democratic regime the country ever had, in '53. Now it sudden;y cries about the repression and lack of freedom for the poor Iranian people? Let Washington keep its crocodile tears - only a prelude to putting the bite on, again.

Adi said...

Are you informed about what you are saying...or is is just what you have heard on television?!

Anonymous said...


We don't give a fuck about Mousavi, Islam, or any of that garbage.

We want the END of the post-1979 Islamic Shit Republic (done by western/arab backed coup de etat).

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