Feb 19, 2011

Some bad news and some drama..


Yesterday I was thinking about writing a blog on this trivial drama that's been bothering me in the last few days, mainly because some of you asked me to address it. But then my mom called and re-defined what the word "bothered" means. I will still deal with what you want me to, but first please bare with me because I simply need to write about what's going on with me.

I did try talking to a friend over the phone today but when I got to what I wanted to say the words would just not come out. So maybe writing is a better idea. For those of you who don’t know, yesterday I found out that my brother (who lives in Germany with my mother since 3 years ago ) has just been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, better known as Hashimoto's disease.

To put it simply, my brother’s body decided to destroy his thyroid gland. It's an autoimmune disease. There is no cure for it, only treatment. My brother has another medical condition which I will not mention here because of the stigma attached to these types of illnesses. I know people can be ruthless and I don’t want anyone bringing that up at any point in any circumstances. I can say that it is a temporary condition for which he will only need treatment until he's in his late teens. For Hashimoto’s disease, he will need treatment his entire life.

I very often heard people say “how could this happen to ME?!”. And the response I always had in my mind was “life sucks, sometimes things happen”. But I never understood the depth of this feeling until yesterday. You see, I know that bad things happen. I know these things are unpredictable. But still, my brain cannot stop from asking “Why him?!”. He’s just a kid. He’s just 13. He is my brother. Why him ?! I can now understand what all those people felt. When it hits you, it is almost psychologically impossible to accept it.

Since yesterday I’ve been reading virtually non stop about Hashimoto’s. Almost all of it was encouraging. With treatment, my brother can still have a manageable and relatively normal life. I’m trying to think positively. He has been diagnosed early. He has great doctors. The treatment is free. If he was still living in Romania, none of this would be possible for him. I am trying to think he is actually lucky. But I’m failing. I will probably be able to convince myself of that at some point ... eventually.

So you can imagine that right now I have little patience for trivial stuff but I know that if I don't address this other issue it will keep nagging at me. I don't want to subject 60K+ youtube subscribers to a video that would basically be drama and nothing more, not to mention that I'm not up for making a video anyway. So I may as well get this over with now. This is what I said a couple days ago in a twitter post:

“The sexual assault of Lara Logan is yet another painful reminder of Egypt's attitude towards women.”

If somehow you never heard about the incident, please watch THIS before continuing reading.

Some people said that my statement was bigoted, that I blamed this one incident on an entire nation and that my words were “an indictment on ALL Egyptians”. Which is a strawman bigger than a cornfield. First of all let me explain what I meant by “Egypt’s attitude towards women”. I was talking about the fact that over 90% of Egyptian girls are subjected to genital mutilation, that women are subjected to sexual harassment and domestic violence at alarming rates, that they cannot leave the country without their husbands’ permission, that the law is biased against them and they are often ignored when asking for help and so on. If you want to read more about it you can click HERE or read THIS blog or watch THIS video or research it yourself .

Now back to Lara Logan. Did I judge an entire nation based on ONE incident ?! Hell no! I said the incident is a REMINDER of an ongoing problem within that nation. Not an indicator of it. Not evidence for it. I know my English is far from perfect but at least I understand the meaning of words. If Viktória Mohácsi would come to Romania and got brutalized by a mob, I could say the incident is a reminder of Romania’s attitude towards the Roma people, who are generally discriminated by the law and vastly by the citizens. This does NOT mean that all Romanians are racists. Or that all Egyptians are misogynists. Recognizing there was  problem and a prevailing attitude in Egypt that made the sexual assault on Logan more likely to happen, does NOT equal bigotry.

I know there are people who genuinely misunderstood what I meant, and to them I apologize for not being more clear. But there are also people who intentionally twisted my words and continue to do so.

Another thing I want to address is the accusation of being “a graduate from the university of wikipedia”, uttered by the same person who called me a bigot. For everyone who didn’t know, I am a college drop-out. Not by choice. I simply couldn’t afford it anymore after 2 years. So I am the first to admit that most of my knowledge does come from independent study, weather it is independent reading, lectures, audio books and so on. But should this invalidate my points or damage my credibility ? There have been times when people (who can testify to this) asked me to make a video on one topic or another and I simply told them that I am not sufficiently informed to talk about it. I see no shame in that. This is why most of my informative-type videos are on subjects I thought about and researched for years. You don't need a PhD to learn about things you are interested in.

That being said, I will probably not make a new video soon. I usually talk about things I am invested in and feel strongly about, and at this point I am too drained by what’s going on in my family to focus on anything else. I know this post is long. Thank you if you managed to read all of it. And please excuse the eventual typos and bad phrasing.


Ben said...

There is nothing shameful or invalidating about not having so much formal education, Cristina. You are a clear, committed, rational thinker. That you are an autodidact shows your perseverance and your love of learning.

Aizagoria said...

I find you awesome. No one says it more elegantly than you. I do not think you said anything wrong or intended for it to be wrong.
Just remember that there will always be haters. Let them hate as hate turns in on itself.
You keep going.
Good luck to your brother. May it be as painless as possible for all involved.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog and youtube videos for a long while now. As a fellow young female atheist I have always loved seeing a woman so well spoken as yourself be so outspoken.

I won't say anything about the international news drama, as sad as it is, but I will say this in hopes that it gives you some small comfort-

The fact that your brother is so very loved by you, the fact that he has your support and relatively rational mind to be there for him will be the greatest help he can ever have. Knowing people who struggle with diseases and ailments that will never heal, it is those around them who love them that gives them the most comfort and motivation to live the happiest life possible. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so full of love, even if it is scary in the face of seeing one we love hurt or sick.

Joe Pike said...

Stay strong! We are all hoping that your brother feels better.

Charlie Nichols said...

Personally, the knowledge that I've learned and retained and was able to think critically about are topics that interest me that I study in my own free time. Not topics I'm studying in school. I personally think it's great that you educate yourself and have such a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Whoever knocked you for being a self-taught student is, well, a fuck ass (for lack of a better phrase). The problem with education (especially American education, as I am in the US) is that you are taught WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. Self-education eliminates that and allows you to use critical thinking and form intelligent opinions and stay as objective as possible (which is crucial in weeding out falsehoods and lies). Learning in a class, in my experience, rarely offers that wonderful gift. SO GO YOU!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cristina - I have been a stranger to the drama (internet furors aren't my thing, for the most part), but what you said about your brother's autoimmune disorder definitely hits home here. My stepdad has an autoimmune disorder so rare that he's the only known living person who currently has it. He's on 13 different medications, several treatments and will eventually need a double lung transplant. The disease is also damaging the nerves in his lower back and left leg. Added to that is his bipolarity and workaholism. Dealing with illness like that is hard, I won't lie. It's a strain on my family emotionally and financially. And yet, if my mom hadn't pushed and pushed doctors to finally get an accurate diagnosis a couple of years ago (they initially thought he had emphysema), he'd already be dead. It sucks to go through a disease like this, or to watch someone you love have to go through it.

But early diagnosis, like the one your brother seems to have, is so good, so helpful. Finding support in your family and friends is helpful. Being there when shit hits the fan is the best thing you can do for someone you love, and it does, over time, get easier to cope with, which I'm sure you already know.

As for the rest, haters will hate. You're an intelligent person, dropping out of college be damned. Autodidacts are awesome. ;) Keep your chin up.

Charlie Nichols said...

PS: My thoughts and love to you in the family troubles as well. <3

Rooktoven said...

I don't think you have any issues with credibility. You know what you are talking about and you do so with biting humor. That is part of your charm. I don't watch all of your videos, but I do watch occasionally when I want to hear a sane voice that is also funny-- which is more than I can say about oh, any other video-blogger.

I wish you peace and good vibes during what I am sure is a heavy downer time for you. And I wish your brother well. Thanks for what you do.


Anonymous said...

Not that it's a great consolation but at least this second illness is treatable. Of course it's ok for you to not make videos for a while if that's what you wish or what you need. Wish I could be more helpful than that.

Larry K said...

Much love and respect Criss.

Ed Konowicz said...

You do need to take a break to deal with the sadness of life as if affects you and your family. It is harder for women. It is harder for people who use reason. The pressure on good people right now is overwhelming.

As your fans have said. You are intelligent, courageous, and beautiful. You do need that repeated because to say some truth today is like walking into the Lion's den. And you can feel bad about yourself from the influence of the predators. Human predators disguise themselves behind religion and false academic rigor. Practically, nothing stands against strong rigor. Anything can be condemned and criticized. We must take some hope in soft data and reasoning that we constantly upgrade.

Do what is reasonable in terms of caring and concern for your brother but don't lose inner peace. We are all facing possible disease and malfunction that will come with age. That does not make it better but the emphasis needs to be on our character, not our bodies.

You already did more your than your share on the Internet and when it is time to let the "muses" work through you, then you can do some again.

It is time to collect yourself and contemplate the struggle of living on this planet. Yes, the male domination in the Middle East is atrocious. Those male Gods are bastards and you and a few of us are willing to point out the cruelty and ignorance of what is held up by the rich, famous, and influential.

We are near the bottom of the hill and stuff rolls over us and the best we can do is speak up against the abuse and brutality. But the world's hierarchy supports it.

We can win in character and we will. We will be pushed down at times, and we will get up again -- each time with more grace, confidence, and intelligence until we die with dignity and virtue. We do not need fame or fortune for there are more valuable things in life.

Yes, it has been said many times before. But it needs to be heard.

Criss, what you face, many of us are also facing in different ways. Don't lose your self-confidence. There are not many with virtue and intelligence but we do exist.

Degrees do no represent intelligence. And good people know that. You know where to find me if you need some humanity.

Anonymous said...

I agree fully with Ben. Of course the division of authority on a subject is often based on relevant education. But every wellminded person will have to admit that this is just a short-cut way of trying to sift trough the enormous amount of people screaming load about different topics. And whatever a persons education is will be irrelevant when the argumentation and facts are coherent and conclusive. And you excel in that!

I can't offer any consoling words for the issues regarding your brothers health. I empathize and help you hope things will turn out for the best soon.

AntiBullshitMan said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a graduate from the university of Wikipedia, unless of course you're just bigoted against them, and since you took the assumption of your wiki graduation as an insult, you revealed yourself here for the true wiki bigot that you are.

Now I'm off to morally condemn you in a video while reading a script and pretending to care about the issue at hand.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry to hear about your brother. Such news is always a shock. My wife was diagnosed with a very similar thyroid problem and although a worry it explained a lot of other things that had bothered her over the years. With medication he should be able to lead a normal life. Best wishes to you and your family.

AsigotTech said...

Well said, Egypt's cultural attitude towards woman is both shocking and sickening and you should be applauded, not condemned, for pointing this out.

Joe said...

you are more knowledgeable & awesome than some high GPA college graduate / masters / PHD I know..

Anonymous said...


I have followed your videos for some time, as I enjoy your often humorous & always intelligent take on religion & atheism. Don't let some idiot stop you from enlightening those of us who enjoy your insight.

As to that specific "drama", I suspect it is no more than an attempt by this individual to vent/rant, and decided you made a great target. Anyone with any intelligence (and who are not so easily offended) can understand that you are not condemning an entire country--just its documented practices. Your wording is a very common means of expression used all over the world. I suspect that if you delved deep enough into your antagonist's video/blog/Twitter you would find they use similar words to describe something that has raised their hackles.

This is nothing more than political correctness run rampant, as more & more people seem to become offended at the slightest thing. I often wonder if it is simply an excuse to bitch about something rather than a genuine offense. It does annoy me that these individuals, who often preach the loudest about tolerance & free speech, are the first to condemn you for your opinion.

Either way, I would not let the drama discourage you. There will always be someone who will disagree (some very loudly) & this drama will not be your last. Ignore those individuals who offer no intelligent or informed response. And never let anyone stifle your ability to offer an informed opinion.

Ironman said...

Christina, I am a small time village physician in India but I understand your situation better than most people because of reasons which shall be obvious to you if you care to Google me. If there is ANYTHING I can do to ease your pain. please do not hesitate to email me.
Dr. Vishwaneet Singh

Anonymous said...

just the usual drama whore opportunists.. so lame.
stay strong Criss. hope your brother manages to retain a good quality of life. you're right, all the rationality in the world doesnt prepare you for when it happens to someone close.


Wormburner said...

I spent a year in Egypt and I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of Egyptian males while they may not participate in this type of violence would not consider what happened to her a punishable offence.

I’m sorry about your brother’s diagnosis. On the bright side as you’ve probably already found out, it’s quite treatable, synthroid is cheap, and any side effects are very rare.

Anonymous said...

Platitudes are about as much help as religion aren't they. Our arbitrary and random universe sucks sometimes and sometimes we make it suck worse. The only ray of sunshine is that sometimes, some of us make it suck less -- you for example.

BeeKriggs75 said...

Stay strong. Stay positive :) Don't let the bad keep you from what you love, making videos. Not for our sake but for yours dear. Remember, you don't necessarily always have to stick to the serious topics.

Much love to you and your family :)

NoNiceNameFound said...

I hope for all the best for your brother! I'm not an MD, and "incurable" sound horrible, but from what I have read this condition seems to be manageable. I hope for you and your brother that I am not wrong.

Your private life is of course much more important than YouTube or Twitter. I just hope that you don't retreat from YouTube because of this drama nonsense. It is obvious that certain people wanted to misunderstand you, it is part of this strange bigot-calling game that is popular among some atheists on YouTube now. Some of them want to suffocate all discussion about religion and cultures, but most are just drama whores. The "Wikipedia-PhD"-stuff and other ad-hominems and misogynistic insults in their videos are testimony for this. Some people are assholes, just ignore them.

Kim said...

It really breaks my heart when good people- and you are an outstandingly 'good person'- are beset by idiots and sorrows in life. As others have already said, you are rational, funny, educated and beautiful. Where you got your education is immaterial. You use your brain in a way that is joyous to watch. The way a dancer uses her body.

Your brother and anyone else privileged enough to be loved by you is incredibly lucky.

And I feel lucky to live in an age where I can "hear" your voice on YouTube and here on your blog.

Take the time you need to find peace and mend. The internet isn't going anywhere. I'll miss your voice, and will be eager to listen again when you are ready.

Holding you and your brother in my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Criss, I'm so sorry about your brother's diagnosis. It's never easy to be told something so terrible. I'm just glad that he is in a place that provides medical care. I live in the USA and I am sick, but have no access to medical care. Every day is a struggle.

Please know that you have people in the world that are here for you. People that you have never met or spoken to, like me, care.

I think you are one of the most incredible, intelligent people I have ever come across. I throughly enjoy your videos and will eagerly await the next one. I don't care if you have a college degree or not. A degree, or its lack, has no bearing on your intelligence or your right to express your thoughts or opinions.

I have been listening to your audio-book and I am impressed. I would love to contribute to your future education or travel expenses. Do you have a paypal account?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your brother, but glad he is getting good treatment without having to worry about the cost as an added trial. As far as education, too many people go to college and manage to graduate while never receiving any education at all. Being educated is a choice and has a great deal to do with a strong base of critical thinking skills. We are lucky to have you and really enjoy listening to you. It is horrible what happened to Ms. Logan, but she was able to leave an be treated. What about the women who live with the threat of this violence every day and no respite at the end. That is what this should highlight. The worst thing for Ms. Logan is to have so many people (myself included, my apologies) speaking about her without her able to respond yet. Hopefully the uprising will include women pushing for greater equality too if we can keep the world watching it all.

Bryan said...

Here is something that might cheer you up about your brother. Technology, in ALL fields, are growing at an insane rate, and that includes medicine. The first automobile ever made wasn't too much longer than 100 years ago, and did not go very fast at all. Now we have rockets that can go thousands of miles per hour (example). The first computer was the size of a room, with an incredibly small screen. The computers that eventually lead up to what we use today started in the 1940s, and now we have smart phones, which can almost hold as much memory as the computers but you can take anywhere. The same goes for medicine. There were no anesthetics too long ago, so instead people were knocked out by getting them heavily drunk, and now we're so much more advanced.

What I'm basically trying to say is: With current technology, your brother will need treatment for the rest of his life. However, because medicine is advancing at the rate it is, a cure might be found some time during his lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Well said. And by the way, your English is superb!

Brett McCoy said...

Sorry to hear about your brother. My wife has Hashimoto's disease. It sucks.

Bart said...

Compassion for your sorrow. I wont share stories of my sorrows - why compare loss for loss - and it wouldn't mean anything if I did. Have hope, because you still can. Yes, life isn't fair; ultimately it says something philosophical about us (and I believe about animal life in general) that we would expect otherwise, I suppose - but we do. I have great respect for you. Take the time you need.

TheAzov said...

Little can be said at this point except all the best. :)

Re: Wikipedia - I don't get the snotty attitude toward it in the first place. In subjects I care about, that I've gone into for years, I find its authors are usually well-informed and give ordinary browsers a good background in the topic. No one's born knowing anything anyway, not even how to walk, talk, or count toes, so what's the friggin problem?

AntiBullshitMan said...

RE: Azov, The snot flung at Wikipedia tends to travel from the noses of the very same types who brought us the brilliant "the internet is serious business" and the all out debate-stopping "Arguing on the internet is like playing in the special Olympics..." pathetic attempts at mockery. I guess at some point it dawned on them that they can't just keep applying it to the entire internet, since trolling itself can come in the form of arguments, meaning the targeted parts of the net must be reduced to a handful of sites only.

Also, I echo the reminder about ever-evolving technology from a couple of posts above.

2812 photo said...

Hello Criss,

It sucks having to deal with hearing about your brother's condition. I've got the same condition that he has. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and have been taking my meds for it ever since. The good part is that it is a very treatable condition. He'll have to take a synthetic thyroid (most likely levothoroxin) in varying doses throughout his life. He'll have to see his endocrinologist about every three months for the first year while taking blood samples at least 1 week before his visits. This is mostly to figure out the right dosage of the synthroid necessary to get things in balance. After that, he'll have to see his doc twice a year to make sure everything stays in balance. The most annoying things I've had to deal with as a result of the treatment are: 1) having to wait at least a half an hour after taking the pill and before eating breakfast, 2) having to deal with slightly softened bowel movements and 3) having to stay away from most things that contain iodine (this includes salt). He's lucky to be in Germany, because there, health coverage for Hashimoto's costs next to nothing. Just make sure he's eating a healthy diet and gets some kind of exercise regularly. You've got my empathy and support.

About the drama. Fuck the drama! I've noticed that some folks on youtube lately seem to enjoy creating something out of truly nothing. Stick to your argument (whatever it may be) and ignore the drama hounds.

Orion_Uk said...

Keep strong, stay true to what YOU believe and you will allways be able to hold your head up high. Respecting & loving who YOU are is what MAKES YOU ;)


darylm70 said...

I see your brother's luck as a mixed bag. It's unlucky that he has the autoimmune disease. It's lucky that it was discovered early, he has good doctors, and that treatment is free -- and also that he didn't walk into his kitchen wall and apologize to it :)

Anonymous said...

"Strength is not a measure of muscle, but of endurance." Stay strong, and don't give up!
Much love <3

merjemke said...

I hope the best for you and your family. I've enjoyed watching all of your video's. You are an inspiration.

patricia said...

Cris, sigo algunos de tus post q encuentro traducidos al español, y se que este tiempo es dificil solo queda abordarlo con agallas , tu eres de polendas y, te reitero mi admiracion y respeto¡

Ron said...

I have become familiar enough with YOUR work to know a couple of things about you. One, You are a very smart and intelligent woman. Two, Your thoughts and opinions are based on a very solid foundation of knowledge supported by facts, science and in depth study. And lastly, YOU do not need to apologize to anyone for anything I have ever read, witnessed, or heard about that you created.
My hopes for a bright future are with You and Your brother.
When your mind needs to rest, then rest. Your identifying a need to write in order to find some relief as opposed to creating a video was probably another one of many of your smart decisions.
You do have many admirers out here in cyber land, and I am pretty sure that if there ever is anything we can do to help you, all you need to do is let us know. I am pretty sure that asking for help from anyone is probably not in your DNA, but sometimes we all need a hand.
So, I only ask that you take care of yourself because this world is in need of bright, intelligent and informed young people. And you represent that population very well, rather you want to or not.
Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

I think your brother will be fine. As for Youtube, don't underestimate how important your voice is out there and don't worry about what official qualifications you have, there are plenty of stupid people that went to university, it's the quality of what you say alone that decides if you are smart or not.


Thomas said...

so not respecting the dead, suicide at will and euthanasia is all ok when it's other people but when something happens to you that is much smaller is the end of the world.

see the light yet?

Anonymous said...

Our opinions, right or wrong, mean little when compared to those we love

criteriamor said...

You are smarter than most of the college graduates I know, and you could definitely hold your own amongst my more prestigiously educated friends.

Josephine said...

Hey Cristina, don't let your spirits down like this! You got to be optimistic 'cause that is the best thing you can do now for your family and yourself. So many of us backing you up here. *hug*

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see so many thoghtful and enlightened people that you attracted on the internet thru you blog post :)

tony said...

Dear Cristina,

I want to add my voice of support for you and your brother. thank you for your excellent videos. I agree with and enjoy your videos because of the honesty, humor and intelligence that you bring.

Your logic is impeccable and well thought out. As for graduating from college, that does not prove intelligence or knowledge. George Bush graduated from college and he is he biggest dumb ass on the planet.

A persons native intelligence will carry through irregardless of how many college credits or diplomas one has. It is self-evident that you are blessed with a strong native intelligence that is obvious from the videos that you produce.

I have enjoyed your videos and your take on things and your english is excellent.

I sincerely hope that your brother recovers as much of his health as possible and I think that he will, because of the excellent health-care in Germany.

I understand your focus on what is going on right now with your family, and it is right for you to take what ever time you need to deal with it.

When ever you decide to make videos again I and I'm sure ten's of thousands of your audience will be watching, I enjoy your videos and look forward to seeing them once again, when ever the time is right for you.

Good Luck to you and your whole family

Peace :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get past the bare with me line. I think you meant bear with me. Of course you could have meant we should all bare our souls with you, which in a way we do. Me? I stripped naked in hopes you would. Imagine my disappointment. Check that. Don't imagine me naked or disappointed.
(Just a little laugh, good luck with your dramas and hang in there)

John said...

Dear Christina,

I'm truly sorry to hear about your brother being sick, that just sucks! I know you must feel bad for not being able to help him, but it's the moral support that he needs. Try to be strong for him!
I wish you both all the best!

Take care!

AR1973 said...

So trivial you sent a bunch of fans to the videos that pissed you off but none to the ones that clarified anything.

Your fanbase certainly showed how smart they were by adding nothing to the "drama" as you described, but "debate" as others would. They only added to your problems.

Not one of them said anything of relevance to the topic, and that you said even less speaks mountains of your lack of ability or drive to defend your position

Rein said...

I know that this doesn`t have anything to do with your brother (for who i`m really sorry by the way b`cause my mom also has a condition like that( she can be treated but not cured she has MS)) but i have 2 ask you this family matter eventhough i`m really drunk (and dutch YEA) my grandma decided (after a heart operation) that she doesnt want my grandfather ((who is really bad in long tem memory) but is great in long term memory like the most complex formulas with like 26 variables he just sais the answer) to live with her ever again...
i just wan`t 2 know your standpoint on that..

Rein said...

altzheimer btw

BlinkyTheSpaceCadet said...

There is nothing shameful about your predicament with school, actually, you are fgar more rational and thought provoking then most people who have a college degree! :) Best of wishes to you and your loved ones in this difficult time!

Anonymous said...

"If Viktória Mohácsi would come to Romania and got brutalized by a mob, I could say" should be, If Viktória Mohácsi came to Romania and were brutalized by a mob, I would say..."

Nicely written. Your English amazes me, Cristina. You have done an absolutely fabulous job of learning it. I'd be willing to bet you are one stubborn cookie if you can learn it as well as you have!

I am very sorry to hear about your brother, and touched that you love him so much. I had not known, of course, that your family was living outside Romania.

By the way, you should not think you do not have an education because you have not gone to a university. There are two types of learning, pedagogic learning and referential learning. It is not because a university has not recognized some level of learning that the level and the learning aren't there. It is of course important to go to school, but I'd rather liken it to a bank. Banks are important not because they mean we have money. No, banks are important because without them numerous parts of society think we have no money. There are no doubt a good lot of people who have a good lot of money, far away from any bank. :)

Some of the most educated minds in this world did not achieve what they did by university. Look at Bill Gates. His field seems so technical. So 'university-necessary' and yet, he was the first to drop out of school. You obviously know the point I am making since you wrote it in your own blog, but I am just trying to strengthen what you wrote with more facts.

You can lade a man up to th' university, but ye can't make him think.
--Finley Peter Dunne (1867—1936) U.S. author, writer and humorist.

Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing–the rest is mere sheep-herding.
--Ezra Loomis Pound

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education.
--Wilson Mizner (1876-1933) American dramatist.

Colleges are places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.
--Robert G. Ingersoll, Abraham Lincoln.

The things taught in colleges and schools are not an education, but the means of education.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82) U.S. essayist and poet.

Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned; and however early a man's training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly.
--Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-95) English biologist and writer.

In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards.
--Mark Twain (1835-1910) American writer.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
--Mark Twain (1835-1910) American writer.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.
--Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Italian physicist and astronomer.

Education is too important to be left solely to educators.
--Francis Keppel (1916–1990) American educator, U.S. Commissioner of Education (1962–1965).

To be able to be caught up into the world of thought—that is educated.
--Edith Hamilton (1867–1963) American educator and author.

The value of a (college) education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.
--Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

What typo's and phrazing?

Mike Yocom said...

As a fellow "couldn't afford it anymore" college drop-out, I feel your pain. Too many people think that formal education is the only way to learn things, and others like to take advantage of that in arguments by fallaciously using your lack of official credentials against you. Certainly that one detractor's formal education must not be that good (I assume this person has a degree, otherwise he's being a hypocrite) considering his reading comprehension is so bad.

Sounds like your brother will be taking a pill a day to counteract the lost thyroid function, which is unfortunate. For what it's worth, my thoughts are with you.

Michael Forrest said...

I have been deeply involved in alternative medicine for 30 years and believe the l abel "autoimmune disease" is just a coverup for themedical systems inability to find and classify the microbes at the body site that are causing the immune cells to attack it. They are after the microbes, not the tissues. Therefore it is not autoimmune. Stupid idiot doctors that won't admit they make stuff up to cover up their idiocy. Please look at my site and fin out how to use small amounts of electricity to kill any and all microbes. www.dragonfly75.com/eng/

Made For The Web - The Blogger Page said...

I think it is pretty clear that all of us support you and wish your brother well. You and your family must always come first. So return to Youtube when you are ready. Your fans will greet you with eyes and minds wide open when you do.

Sasha said...

I hardly comment on web, but couldn't stop myself now.

I see you want inspire people, share your experience and help them, because you really care and i see how hard is it for you to cope with the tough life of your most loved ones.

I just can say all Humans fall down now and then. We have feelings. It's OK. We all rise up later. Some stronger, some weaker.
From reading this blog it looks like you a type who gets stronger.

Hope my words helped a bit.
Agnostic Atheist, Eastern Europe jew Immigrant, 28y'old Israeli student.

Joey Polanski said...

Laugh, Cristina, LAUGH!

Not because-of, but in SPITE!

Laugh, Cristina, LAUGH!

Embrace your brother, in his FIGHT!

Laugh, Cristina, LAUGH!

Life will have the final shot.

Laugh, Cristina, LAUGH!

'Cuz, in the end, it's all we've GOT.

You & yours, be well.

-- Joey

Craig Stone said...

Hi Cristina,

I posted on facebook to my friends about Lara saying:

"Why did it fall to a group of women to stop the horrible attack on Lara Logan? Why didn't the men in the crowd do anything to stop it?"

None of my friends had good answers.

After reading your post, I now have a better understanding about the horrible things that happen to women in Egypt. I had no idea that FGM and other terrible abuses to women were still occurring in Egypt, so thank you for saying something about it to help raise awareness.

You should ignore people who want to criticize you about your education.

I have a university degree, and you are a lot more talented, intelligent and inspirational than I will ever be.

My degree is still in the cardboard tube that I received it in 17 years ago, and it's been living behind a bookshelf at home the whole time.

That's how much I feel these things are really worth when compared to real world experience and continued self education.

I wish all the best for you, your brother, and your family.

Kind Regards

Ps: If you're still having trouble sleeping, try doing some exercise during the day. I find it helps me a lot to get a better nights sleep.

Daniel said...

1) I think that people who are raised with a theology that states (or implies) that God controls the events of people's lives will continue to instinctively ask the "Why?" question when an injustice occurs. It takes many years of rewiring your thoughts to reach the point where your gut knows that the question is misguided.

2) Education comes in many forms. University education can be great, yet also stilted and narrow. Reading, research, and years of open-minded critical thought are, I am convinced, of paramount importance.

TheAzov said...

Here's a graphic description of Lara Logan's attack by Egyptian men. These details will not be found in the American media. A gruesome act of mob violence, and it may indeed indicate general sexist male Egyptian attitudes. OTOH, if she had been male she might have been tortured and killed outright. No wins here.


1471phillip said...

Today your brother is alive. Maybe you should talk to him and spend some time with him. Your telling us how you feel but have you talked to your brother about what he feels?

TheAzov said...

Now it develops that there may not have been a Lara Logan rape as such, and the Tube video linked above may be a hoax. We'll never know the truth of what actually happened to her, and perhaps that's as it should be. (Meaning the above "drama" is equally bogus.)

Reality is worry enough.

Roberto L. said...

Is nothing sacred? Why did you feel a need to post your personal family issues on here?? Oh, wait..you are begging again. You talk so much ignorance to others, google and copy every single thing someone else had said....regardless if you went to school or not, you have no wisdom or understanding to process any information. You spend a lotta time in a mirror,but you don't see anything at all.Shameless.

Anonymous said...

If you want to make lemonade, use this opportunity to expand your philosophical horizons. Your 19th century leftist humanism has nothing to offer except lame, defeatist 'acceptance'. Fuck that shit! No, your brother isn't lucky, he's *cursed*. We all are, though some of us more so than others. In the end however, we all suffer and die. The human condition is a disease, and technology is the cure. To say that it's ok to [try to] cure a disease like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis but not aging (the biggest killer of all) is at least as bizarre and hypocritical as saying alcohol should be legal, but pot shouldn't. There's no logic in it. You aren't some backward bible thumper, you should know better. Stop being so stubborn and closed minded. Do your research (into transhumanism), and start evolving. Watching some of ZJ's vids would be a good start.

Feisty Kitten said...

I discovered your youtube through a friend, and subsequently your blog. My heart reaches out to you about your brother. As someone who lives with a lifelong illness, for which there is no cure, I can certainly empathize. I commented, though, because when I got sick I never actually stopped and asked "why me?". I don't know if thats strange or not, but I really just found myself asking, "What can I do now?" Maybe its just each individual is different, but I guess just immediately assumed that there were things I could do that would bring me back to a "normal" life. I'm sure with a sister like you, your brother is probably thinking "What next?", too. I can't imagine there is much self-pity in your family, from what little I've seen. Good luck!

Deadweight said...

@ Roberto L: No, nothing is sacred. "Sacred" is the word people use to prevent others questioning it. Congratulations Roberto, you're a bigot.

I am too, though. I hate deceitful, self-important, ignorant people.

@ Cris: I hear your confusion. My wife and I had to choose whether to abort our daughter a few years back because of alobar holoprosencephaly. When the neurologist told us that her brain was a smooth crescent 1/8th the size of a normal brain, and the rest was a fluid-filled cyst, I had a moment of remarkable calm and clarity. I understood, to the core of my being that there is no 'Why?' in the way you found yourself asking it.

Physics has no morality. It's not that 'Bad' things happen to 'Good' people or that 'Good' things happen to 'Bad' people, it's much simpler than that: THINGS happen to PEOPLE.

There is as much validity to asking 'Why shouldn't it happen to your brother?' or 'Why wasn't it a paralysis that trapped him, fully conscious, within his own body for decades, fully aware but unable to communicate?'

I hope I'm not coming across as heartless.

I do hear your grief and confusion, and your pain. I've no desire to minimalize them, or suggest that you've no right to them or that you are in some way 'wrong' to feel that way.

For what it's worth, here's my perspective of your situation:

Your brother's diagnosis is AWESOME NEWS! He has a KNOWN, TREATABLE, MANAGEABLE disease! His quality of life will be almost entirely unaffected. With his meds, he'll become functionally allergic to iodine.

How would you react if you'd been told he was diagnosed as allergic to iodine?

I'm sure this news has been a shock, and it really isn't very bad news at all. Think of what it MIGHT have been, but isn't. In fact, this disease could be a very positive thing in your brother's life. It will require him to be conscious of his diet and activity levels, and in accepting and living with it, he may gain greater self-confidence.

As a result of having to make the decision to end my own beloved daughter's life, I've gained a wonderful perspective. I now have very little social anxiety, I no longer fear confrontation, or what others may think of me and no longer couch my opinions in endless caveats in order to not offend someone. I respect other people's ability to take responsibility for their own emotions.

I miss my daughter every day, and I'll always love her, even though she is no more. She's my little girl; she gave me the greatest gift of all, she made me her Daddy.

As for your posts, videos, etc. I'll admit I first started watching them because you're a very attractive young woman. I keep watching them because I need to know that there ARE people in the world who CAN and DO think critically, and who are not content to remain silent in the face of what they perceive as wrong. I want to thank you for that. I'm not certain you understand how much your videos can mean to us, your fellow secularists, in our darkest hours.

You have been, and continue to be, an inspiration. Thank you.

Charles Lehmann

Anonymous said...


Now try to answer this:

You say that there is no proof for the Bible and that we shouldn't be believing shit that is not even proven.

So now tell me: Did you carried out all the necessary experiments to believe in your Science books? How do you know that they don't lie? Did you already proof-checked all the information? No? So then how you dare to talk like that about the Bible when you don't even know if your Science books are invented. Not just because they are decorated with nice words and drawings make them real. You are also based on faith! Got'cha!

Deadweight said...

That's utter crap. The proof of science is in technology. Like the computer you're using to post these poorly-reasoned arguments.

Also, it's traditional when posting logical fallacies in support of creationism or to attack science to use the word 'Checkmate!' instead of 'Gotcha!'

Yours in/out/around Christ,

Anonymous said...


You are the one with the poor arguments. I am not talking about technology. Let me rephrase it: How do you know cells, mitochondria, chloroplast, etc, etc, etc and all those other things that come in science books actually exist. IT is the same with the Bible. She denies it but she doesn't have proof about her books either. She just believes in them. She's hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I wish your brother and everyone affected by this including you and your family all the best.

Jose Alonso Leon said...

Cristina, I read all the comments. Makes up sort of for not watching a video of yours....;-) I do think you will have to (in due time) make a video apologizing for your bigoted attitude towards wiki graduates. You can't leave Antibullshitman's video without a rebuttal can you?

When one realizes the amount of Phd's that acquire their title using ghost writers, that's when Wiki Graduates balance things out...;-)

I also agree with what Deadweight said, there is always a positive side to everything. Cheer up and gob dless you....oops did I say that?

Got you smiling didn't I?

Deadweight said...

@ Anonymous: *sigh* So, your hypothesis is that science textbooks are a conspiracy.

There is a difference between understanding/ trusting the scientific method and blind acceptance.

I'd also like to inquire as to what the latest, 'cutting-edge' scripture is?

Raj Bains said...

Just an FYI, many doctors subscribe to the "synthetic T4 only" approach to treating Hashimoto's and other forms of hypothyroidism. The alternative form of treatment is combo T3/T4 treatment (either through synthetic versions of both, or "desiccated thyroid extract" which is natural thyroid hormone from animal sources - i.e., Armour and simllar treatments).

The combo treatment replaces your hormones at exactly the levels your body would normally make them. The T4 treatment expects the body to convert T4 into T3. Yes, the same body which is failing to regulate thyroid hormones already.

I suffered for years even after diagnosis because I was on T4-only treatment. If your brother has any lingering symptoms or strange side effects, please try combo treatment. Studies show that both are equally effective, but people usually *feel* better on the combo treatment.

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