Jun 29, 2011

US Visa thing

If I seem completely out of it it's because I am. Just too exhausted to react. See you tomorrow :)


Reggie said...

Aww, relax sweety, you don't have to put this much pressure on yourself. We still love your videos a lot!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Cristina. I hope you have a fine time here in the U.S. on yor trip.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. What cities are you going to in the US?

Anonymous said...

Watching this makes me facepalm , take a chill pill and relax , you're so fucking negative makes me wanna slap you to reality

Ronin said...

Congratulations, Cristina.
I know how you feel.
Getting visa for Romania is probably even harder than for US.
So when are you going to US and... You're coming back, right?

Liam said...

what's your reason for going to usa again? school?

AntiBullshitMan said...

So glad you ended up getting it, especially after you just mentioned that it was an 8 HOUR long fucking trip you had to put up with.

Neko said...

Congratz Chris. Never stress so much over things you have no control over ;)

Ryan Nay said...

Ronin, it depends of course on where you are coming from as much as where you are going to. For an American to go to Romania is extremely simple, and no visa is even required. I should know as I've done it before.

And how does it take 8 hours to get from Constanta to Bucharest? You must be driving a Dacia. :)

Andree said...

I guess all that dancing on youtube and bikini shots paid off, huh? totally vegas lol

Ronin said...

Ryan: I'm a Japanese with Brazilian nationality.
Been here for almost 9 years. Every year when I have to renew my visa I hear a different story and different requirements from the immigration officers.

And about 8 ours from Cta to Buc, I suppose she means 8 hours total from Cta to Buc, visa precedures and back.
But if she went by train it may have taken 8 hours one way :-)

Anonymous said...

another russian stripper enters...

Mr. White said...

Think i saw you on Crangasi street in Bucharest today around 1 o'clock.

lost23 said...

Calm down its just a f***** Visa Good Luck Criss

Mario Sal. said...

damn wtf can you handle ANYTHING?! weak as hell.

Rancid said...

Felicitari si sa ramai acolo.

ghostpoet said...

Congratulations, Cristina! New York awaits you, young lady.

byronand said...

Yeah! Congratulations! But I'm inexperienced about these things... why *wouldn't* they give you a VISA? As a US citizen, I would think that visitors are welcome and encouraged to come visit America!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! As a Chinese, I actually have to wait in lines for FOUR hours to get my visa! I don't know why you are so stressed given that you have the invitation letter and are so fluent in English. Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay in US.

Ronin said...

Come on, people, she wasn't stressed just about the visa. She was stressed because she thought she didn't have a chance of getting this visa and letting down all the people who helped her apply for it.

Now on another topic:
Isn't it funny that those who make silly sexist comments are only able to do it anonymously?

Mariah said...

Happy to see you finally get to start living your dreams of traveling. Do you ever think you would relocate to a different country?

I'm trying to leave the U.S. to Australia or New Zealand, there are so many options for people trying to migrate there.

Scott said...

Congrats! Love your videos on YouTube. Come visit us here in California, but don't bother with Orange County (I am stuck there).

Hackenflash said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news. Hopefully, the stress will melt away soon. Make plans and go, girl, there's nothing stopping you. Love.

Anonymous said...


Ray said...

Congratulations and welcome to the United States! I hope your journey will be a pleasant one.
The birds look much healthier than on your last video; you have done an excellent job in taking care of them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Get a good sleep. Welcome to 'Merica whenever you get here. I know you'll have fun.

MassachusettsLIberal said...

This whole visa thing seems a horror. What's the big deal?
After you get some rest, could you describe the interview? What did they ask? Were they polite?
I know nothing about getting visas. Why did you have to go to Bucharest? Isn't there some office nearer than Bucharest that can hand out visas?
Anyhow, we all hope you enjoy your visit to the USA!

Anonymous said...

Well Im glad you got a visa but I really just tuned in to see what was up with the birds.

Paul said...

i'm glad you got your visa. now you can relax!!! get some rest. enjoy your journey!!

Leslie said...

Why the kvetching, seriously? If you dont get the Visa...it is O. K. All of the people who, for some reason, 'helped you' ..did so knowing that there is a chance that you will not be granted a visa. If it doesnt happen..continue trying but kvetching isnt gonna help any.

Rein said...

you`re dreaming right?? a visa for me is no problem. but if you book a flight to america they almost take the white gloves, put them on their hands and shove it up your arse. its not fun in any way. if they open your bag they take everything out and interrogate you for about an hour per item. And after that you have to fill your bag yourself (that`s including folding your shirts again because they will unfold them). and if you go back from america (to holland in my case) they wanna get you out as fast as possible. they barely do a passport check.


you shouln`t worry so much about things that you can`t control. sometimes it`s hard i know but a panic attack nevver made annyone better (well, maybe in ancient times but not in modern times) furthermore i would like to congratulate you on the aquiring of your visa. i hope you have a great time in the U.S.

ow and just one more thing: the food really sucks (maybe not in New York but very much places it does suck) and the coffee there is very close to undrinkeble especcially at starbucks. at least it is to dutch standards. just so you know.

Billy Clabough said...

Congratulations! You were too hard on yourself about how you looked at the beginning of the video. You still looked hot =)

Anonymous said...

: O
You have panic atacks?
You are possesed by a demon!!
You should get closer to God.
: 3

Anonymous said...

Dear Cristina. Congratulations on the visa. You shouldn't stress over these things; while I understand that you feel grateful towards those who helped you and that you really, really wanted that visa, it was never in your hands in the first place. Rest assured that getting it was a fairly certain given that the story you would present them could easily be backed with a lot of evidence (assuming they had internet in the embassy). Their job is not to hassle legitimate travelers, but to keep gold diggers out. I'm happy for you; hopefully, you can even smile a little in your next vlog. You really are a ... Darwin for your concern for others (both man and beast), so be well and have fun with your travels. It's well deserved.

Hope you get a good nights sleep and feel better soon.

Love from the cold, rainy north.

Anonymous said...

This video should win an award for MOST EPIC THUMBNAIL PIC. It really is though :)

Lars said...

I think some comments are missing here, I was just trying to respond to someone ....Deleting em now?
Also, your country is in EU. Everyone from your country can travel, they all get 10 year visas.Im not sure if you are ignorant on this issue or just really believe you got it cuz you are 'you'...seriously, you're having heart attacks over your ignorance. And being that people are supporting you financially and all....you really need to stop whining.
Can you please make videos of substance now?
If you do return, that is.

TheAzov said...

I don't know what's wrong with "Lars," but apparently the Nordic nutcase does not know that the US has different regulations for every country. Romania is one with a very high restriction by the State Department in granting a visa to its nationals, so getting a visa out of the US Embassy in Bucharest is no mean feat. Looking forward to your interview on 60 Minutes. :)

Ronin said...

Now I know why you were so nervous about this visa.
You're going to TAM!!
If I had been chosen by the Chipin to go to TAM I also would be very nervous if all of it would be depending on a visa.
So you going to be meeting Dawkins, deGrasse Tyson, Krauss, Shermer, Myers and Randi!
You go there and show them that there are rational minds in this crazy country too!
You are the shining rational light that will save Ro from the dark ages.

Kathy said...


does she have any schooling in this? or she just gonna google and wiki the whole time?

Rein said...

there are books too you know? i bet she has read and remembered a ****load more then you did. who cares about a paper that sais you can do it? its if you can do it that counts. does piet paulusma (dutch weatherman) have any pieces of paper that prove he can predict weather? no, but he does have it right about 27% more than the wheatermen that do have the papers.

Ronin said...


In a world that is turning back to the dark ages of the supernatural, the mystic and bronze age religions hers is a precious young mind that shines like a candle.

She doesn't need to have any formal schooling in evolutionary biology, philosophy or physics to have the rational mind that she has.

If more people were getting their knowledge through Google and Wikipedia like you claim that she is, instead of through horoscopes, tele-evangelists, "intelligent design" creationist books and "holy scriptures" the world be a much better and peaceful place.

thethegreenmachine said...

Congrats! Did I hear Healthyaddict correctly -- you're going to Vegas? If you have the time, Yosemite is just a few hours away.
Thanks for the bird update. That little one is a spaz :) Maybe it needs more attention. What are you feeding them now?

Kathy said...


she might think she doesn't need schooling, but in the 1st world she is trying to enter, she does.

Ronin said...


Don't worry, she's not going to US to invade your country and preach non-education.
She will just go there for the TAM event and come back to this illiterate country.
No need to be afraid, she won't contaminate you with her illiteracy. Your university degrees are safe.

Kathy said...


No, dear,I do not think that would be her choice either way, our history with commies/atheists is more than clear.
But if you do not see anything wrong living online and collecting peoples' money for everything from telescope, camera, clothes,tickets, laptop, and now free trips, you might wanna finish your own classes ...And I hope you seek some wisdom, because this is beyond ridicilous.

Rein said...

wat the ****? what does atheism have to do with communism in the same sentence? she has never asked for this money. she just recieves it, as a gift (jalous maybe?) she is very very bright (well brighter then you anywayz) and she can talk like a (dont know what the term is in english but in holland it`s bridgeman(the guy who collects the toll for crossing under a bridge)).. well very good. she inspires people, motivates people and recieves money for things that she needs to continue doing this shit. besides that she has work as a translator, her husband has debts and she can not afford to stay in her own city for the tourism season. you have sweet talking from behind your computer in america (amerika is most likely because of the dumb shit you say) she cant afford to get a university degree. and even if she did, she would have to go to university in romania which i`m sorry to say isn`t one of the best country`s to get a degree. please finish junior high before you say any more stupid shit.

Greg said...

I am so thrilled for you Cristina! TAM is going to be incredible, but you have to make sure you also take the opportunity to see Cirque while you're there!

Thank you for being so open with us about your feelings, but it really made me sad to see you so worried. Especially about your appearance or things out of your control not working out and disappointing others. People are so happy to have the chance to give a little something back to you. You have touched so many people's lives with your bravery, creativity, charm and intelligence. It really doesn't matter at all that you're so freakin ugly ;)

Ronin said...


Oh my, oh my... You have a lot of anger and issues, don't you?
You hate "commies/atheists" (I have to admit that I am very surprised that you didn't spell it "athiests" as most "graduated" Americans do) and yet you go online reading "commies/atheists" blogs just to criticize them.
This kind of attitude can only come from one source: fundamentalist religion based hatred.

Hmmm... Ok. That last sentence sounds like I'm preaching something absolute. I take it back. Fundamentalist religion is NOT the only possible source for that kind of anger.
Plain envy could do that too.

You see, Cristina never asked for the money and gifts that she received. She is not extorting people like some churches do with threats of eternal doom and hell fire.
People voluntarily send her their help because she inspires them. I haven't sent her any yet because only recently I found her videos and her blog, Otherwise I would have helped her too because she inspires me and gives me hope that one day the human race will come out of the dark ages and be free from the poison of religion.

Now how about you showing us your blog and your videos? Maybe you will insipre us and we may end up sending you contributions too.
Not to your church or your creation museum though.

Kathy said...


You have a lot of bias towards Americans, no different than your wikipedia puppet here; but I have no doubts you'd strip , dance and twist any and all arms to get in here....just like your 'girl. Commies.

Oh, and sorry, my material requires english speaking readers. :)

Ronin said...

I have a lot of bias?
Spoken by the one who complain about "commies" coming to visit US?
You do speak like a true religious bigot.

Oops. I'm being redundant. What religious person is not a bigot?

Btw, where in US are you?
South-West, perchance?

Rein said...

@Kathy why the insult to the romanian people? and you are accusing that he is biased towards americans (wich is just a case of statistics by the way) and after that you call the romanians commies. and why do you even care about it all?? what do you suggest she does?? turn the invitation down because she has no degree in anything? or better jet. turn the invitation down because some religeous person from the bible belt says so??

Kathy said...


I'm not sure who you're mixin' me up w/ I do not know anyone in 'bible belt'....I find it ridicilous that she manipulated her way through, just to get out of Romania, you obviously never met a eastern euro before; commies is who they are, not an insult. Anyone can read wikipedia from the screen and record a video to appear smart. But if you still cannot prounance 'you all' , a term used daily, your brain is seriously slow. I find it shameless she begs and receives for this. I do not agree with atheism, but I do respect all views.
Someone who works hard, and actually has something to offer should've won...maybe Peach or TJ.
This chick can't even speak right.
Watch and learn.

Rein said...

manipulated her way trough?? she was invited to come, she never asked for it. and i work with "commies"(eastern euro`s) very often (mostly Poland Roemeniërs and Bulgaren). i have dined at their places, drank beer and vodka with them, went to weddings in poland and much more. i find they are very friendly people (mostly not very smart, but nice people in essence). and if you look at the pronounciation of the english language it is quite different than romanian. that doesnt say she`s slow or anything. i bet you couldn`t speak the dutch "Enkhuizen"(city name) correctly if you wanted to, not in a million years. that doesn`t make me think you`re slow.
my sincere apologies by the way for making assumtions of the place you live. Peach and TJ are both native americans offcourse they can speak the language, but TJ his video`s are entertaining, but not really all that informative. it`s basicly a guy expressing his own opinions about stupid people (entertaining as shit nonetheless) he`s a fat guy that rants. (and does actually actively wants you to give him money). and what does it matter if they don`t speak the language properly enough. she speaks very loud clear and understandible. she only has a (hot) Romanian accent to it. americans completely fucked up the english language. should they not be able to come and speak in britain?

Ronin said...


I really don't understand why you see Cristina going to US for a few days for the TAM conference as such a big threat to yourself.

You say she's "slow" but so far she has showed way much more brains than yourself.

If the TAM organizers and the Chipin group thought she was worth their effort to bring her to the conference I think they may have a point.
You, on the other hand...

You seem to believe that her accent is an indication of intelligence.
And you say anyone can go to Google and Wikipedia and make a video to look smart.
So how about you doing the same and posting a video in Romanian for us to see how much smarter than her you are?

Do it and we will watch and learn.

thethegreenmachine said...

You misspelled "ridiculous" twice, a word in your own native language, and you think it's your place to make fun of someone's accent? You think that because she's Romanian she's an uneducated communist who's trying to sneak into our country? You think that because people sent her gifts that she begged and manipulated them? I bet you think you can see Russia from your house.

Ronin said...


From your last post:

"But if you still cannot prounance 'you all' , a term used daily, your brain is seriously slow."

Is it just me or you really misspelled "pronounce" in a sentence in which you were accusing her of having a slow brain for mispronouncing "you all"?

Maybe it's my ignorance of the English language as it is not my native language, but I do not remember encountering the word "prounance" and I haven't found it in any dictionary.
So, could you please help an illiterate foreigner by defining "prounance"?
Thank you in advance.

pete said...

you should strip ;-)

Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell your visa inteviewer how you believe that the United States is a facist colonial empire. Oh, you didn't forget. You just ommited that part.

thethegreenmachine said...

I missed that one :) You're right, it's "pronounce".

Ronin said...


Looks like Kathy finally decided to apply her time to more useful activities like getting a life :-)

Anonymous said...

i dunno if you can release those birds back into the wild since you've raised them from little babies, they might not know how to find food for themselves

Rein said...

@Anonymous(theonebeforeme) they will find food eventually. they will stay close to you for a while so you can put seeds and whatnot outside. but eventually they`ll fly away and find food for themselves

Anonymous said...

yay!!!! Congrats! :D

Jambi said...

hey greetings from italy.

i just wanted to ask you, and dont take offense, but are you feeling 'gulity' or maybe 'shy'? because you receive lots of things from people you never met....free trips, laptops and all that other stuff. do you feel guilty?

and i know you make videos, but its not like someone ordered them. thats your choice.
so please dont get mad i would like to know.


Tina said...

hei, how was vegas? did your husband go too?

Cláudio said...

I just helping to giving u a kiss in your cheek anyway. I having a psychiatrist helping me with that sleep problem too.

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