Feb 19, 2010


Since I had the accident I haven’t been able to sleep. I did have insomnia before, coming and going at times, but it was never this bad. It got me to a point where I am in a very weird state …almost like drunk. Still, I don’t wanna treat it with pills yet . I have nothing against sleeping pills and the reason why I don’t wanna take them may seem really fucked up … but for some strange reason, my mind seems much clearer now.

I’m writing this now cos I’m gonna get into a subject I’ll never talk about again, no matter how things will roll. In Romania there is a group of nationalists called “Noua Dreapta”. I guess the English equivalent for that would be “The New Right”. Their slogan (as you can read on their official website if you are a Romanian), translates : “The New Right : For God, the People and the Country!”. Basically they claim to protect “Romanian orthodox values” which means that they oppose atheism, homosexuality, gypsies, immigrants, and so on.

A couple months after I started my YouTube channel, they found me and the threats began. Which I didn’t give a shit about, threats don't work on me. They tried to fuck with me on levels that went beyond YouTube flagging/hating/trolling/etc. They tried to “report” me here and there with some things they had no chance in hell to be taken serious for. For instance, they reported me for breaking the constitution, as apparently, “defaming” the country is unconstitutional here. Of course, that only applies in cases of war or political treason and such, so it had “fail” written allover it. They also reported my paypal account which got my access to it restricted. For about 3 days, until I got cleared ;)

So all in all, point is, they see me as the enemy and want my ass fried. So why am I talking about this now ? Because, in a strange twist of events, they will probably end up having my home address. Which, considering what I’ve just said, sounds pretty bad. And it probably is. They could also be having access to personal information about me, which, again, will be unpleasant. I am giving you guys a “heads up” on this, because if (or when) this happens, I won’t be talking about it. Not in videos, not on my blog. I’ll deal with it myself, without involving “ZOMGitsCriss” into it.

There was one person on the internet I was stupid enough to care for and trust with my stuff without thinking once that they might turn out to be the exact opposite of what I though they were. I made a mistake ... one that I’m willing to accept and pay the price for. So, if it will come to it, I’ll take it. I will never do something, or stop myself from doing something, out of fear. I was never nobody’s victim and I’m not about to start now. Shit much worse than this happened (and is happening as I type) to billions of other people, so even taking any of this too seriously is petty and selfish from my part.

Whatever will come, will pass.

This is what I'm doing now ...


The Artist said...

Oh shit, can't the police help you?

Anonymous said...


yus said...

Hi. I am a fan of yours on youtube (my id is yusbarrett)

Sorry to hear about this. I don't know much how the left/right issue is in romania. It must suck to come out from the socialist regime just a few decades ago, just to go now to a right wing regime. But this is a fight every free thinker must deal with.

Keep it on. You have the internet's support on this even if you choose to deal with this on your own.


Anonymous said...

ha !
I haven't slept in 3 days and yes i tried .
I usually have 1 week of good sleep 1 bad but meh It's because of the stress with school and shit , when I'm on vacation I sleep good ;/

Send them to me , I can give you my home adress ( I'm Romanian too ) I've a shotgun waiting for them !

You're too paranoid , relax.. i can find your home adress if you send me 1 email so if they really want to find it they can xD

O sa incerc in urmatorul post sa dau un link catre un documentar sa il vezi , nu e vorba de religie ci de somn .


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Anonymous said...

Ah si am mai uitat sa zic ceva , conturi vechi de email .. de ex dintr-o adresa veche de a ta am aflat ca stai in constanta.. si mai multe.. meh :p

b1ackic3 .

Anonymous said...

Ah sorry eram obosit si nu am postat ce trebuia =)) voiam sa zic ca sa nu postezi emailuri mai vechi , fa un email nou pentru fiecare chestie care o faci public .


Anonymous said...

Ah and with those sleeping pills.. my own experience
You will develop immunity to them really fast
and you will need more
and moree
and moree to fall asleep
after u finish prescription you faill get bad withdrawal symptoms which include insomnia .

b1ackic3 ...

Anonymous said...

you will get * not faill

subatomicsatan said...

That's really fucked up.

I wrote a lot more about the history of such things, but then deleted it as I found that I was writing more and more and more and the point was lost. The point being being: You and your safety and your ideas.

These cretins cannot debate you on an intellectual level, so they resort to threats. It's sad, really. I never knew there was a Romanian Taliban.

Now, at what are you looking? UFOs? Stars? Naked neighbors? ;)

Anonymous said...

You seem far calmer about this than i would be anda s a wize man once said to me "Be safe yo, this shit is wack"

Peach said...

I take threats seriously. I would always rather be mistaken about a bluff, then ignore a real threat. Can you fill out a report with the police about their having threatened you?

And as for your insomnia, have you seen your doctor about it? Obviously, your injuries are the cause of it. You should be able to get a prescription to help you sleep. You need your rest!

Mike P. said...

I love looking at stars through binoculars. There is so much you can see with such a simple things. At least big ones like those and the ones I have.

I have a spinal cord injury that makes taking diazapan (valium) at night a good idea. I've been taking 5mg every night for nine years. It works. I've tried taking more, but all that does is make walking really hard if you need to pee at night :-) 5mg won't knock you out, and if you need to, you can easily overpower it. But, if you want to sleep, it will help.

I have no desire to take it during the day. If I injure a muscle and cause real damage and need a muscle relaxant, then I will use it. The last time I did that was a few years ago.

No fear. It is easy for them to hide on the internet and take shots at you. It is much different to do so in real life, face to face. Take their pics and post them on a Romanian blog or get a newspaper to help you investigate them.

Were you able to find a job?

k-rina said...

@ Peach

I didn't keep their messages, now I'm thinking I should have. The thing is, they couldn't have possibly ever find where I live. It's complicated but I don't even "exist" in the police files with an address. And my IP is protected. So until a couple days ago I never even considered the possibility that they could get any info on me. Now I'm sorry I haven't kept any threat messages ...there could be some channel comments but it would take me ages to find them. Anyway ...maybe I'm being paranoid ... maybe I'm overreacting ... I don't know anymore ... I need to sleep

Jan said...

This too shall pass.

And in case if does create problems: it's a big planet. There's always the possibility to leave the country for a while or do some couch-surfing with friends.

Please try to get your sleep fixed (doesn't sound very convincing coming from a guy who's up at 4 in the morning), sleep deprivation + problems can lead to poor decision making and tunnel vision.

Take care.

Rhonda said...

You will die from lack of sleep faster than from lack of food. Sleep deprivation is nothing to just blow off, try a hot bath and a massage (you are still married, right?).

As to the threats, start keeping track of them but don't allow them to get to you.

There is nothing in this world as frightening as "Christian love."

Anonymous said...

Wanna come to America for asylum? I'll marry Ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I think you should consider contacting human rights organizations like Amnesty International which was started in the UK. Someone else suggested going to the police which also sounds like a good idea.

Maybe contact the British embassy in Romania for help.

Also, you could contact Maryam Namazie for advice since she has been an activist a long time.

You have positively influenced so many fighting for gay rights and the rights of women and other minorities and unfortunately that really makes you a target for neo-nazi miscreants like Noua Dreapta.

Don't let Noua Dreapta get you down. People like them never win. We are a global village and the UN will eventually wipe them out and other groups who violate others rights.

I hope you will take comfort in the fact that you are already a respected voice for human rights. I believe, because of the response to your channel, that before you leave this world, as an old woman, you will have left an indelible mark for good on the universe.


Rayme said...

I wish you all the best, in safety, health, fulfillment and prosperity. You're one of the few good ones. Take care of yourself. I don't know about Romania, but here, in Canada, you can get natural sleeping pills right off the shelf in the same isle where condoms are sold. The thing is, though, that, although they'll definitely put you to sleep, you may not stay asleep for more than 4 or 5 hours before you wake up feeling like you've been asleep for 12, and then feel like you've got to crash out of sheer exhaustion 4 to 6 hours later.

Anonymous said...

I am saddened that this is the road in front of you. You are a brilliant orator, well thought, well presented. I understand that they are threatened by your voice because you absolutly destroy the core of their beliefs and they would rather silence you than admit that they are wrong. I love Aron Ra's Darwin Day speech where he points out this difference between himself and a muslim creationist. (part 1 I think)

As far as your insomnia, I'm not a doctor so I don't think I can offer you any practical advice. I hope you do find a solution though, I'd hate for the lack of sleep or meds cloud your mind.

chaser said...

the first thing that goes when suffering insomnia...is the ability to think in a straight line. Above all else, do what you must to become rested....whatever it takes. for what its worth

ForEver Is More Than Just A Word said...

drink hot milk:x:X:x

Scott said...

Cristina, It's good that you don't want to let bullies get to you, especially racist homohobes who act out on behalf of their imaginary friend, but I urge you to err on the side of caution. Good luck with all of that and with your sleep situation. Sweet dreams! Take care.

Scott said...

That should have said "homophobes." :P Some evil demon hiding in cyberspace stole the "p" after I submitted the comment! :)

Cheryl said...


Lots of hugs to you and be safe. It's just another example of why the Right never is.

Rabbitpirate said...

Be safe and know that we are thinking of you and support what you do. You will always be welcome with open arms over here in the UK.

N. Speth said...

Take care of yourself. Be as safe as you can.

Anonymous said...

Criss, I hope you are getting some sleep now, i sent you an email, did you get it?


szm said...

Sleeping pills are evil, try some melatonin if things get too bad.

inspirationism said...

An amazing person in an amazing time period - I am sure you will make it out of this as a stronger person. Whatever may come, yes, but you should recognize this as a chance to truly shine.

Keep up the amazing and inspirational videos.
We will all be patiently waiting.
Until then, take care and recover from your accident as fast as humanly possible.


Rogelio said...

Believe it or not, i'm your fan since now. I love your videos on Youtube. Love at first sight(first day).

Rami said...

That is worrisome. Let's hope this "New Right" are a bunch of pimply 14 year olds with their first computers, but I would not depend on that. Take measures to defend yourself, as I am sure you are doing. If you lack the means to do it and don't trust the authorities to protect you, then turn to the wider circle of supporters which you must have in your town and country. I am thinking of Ayaam Hirsi Ali, who is probably phycially safer now having spoken up and appealed to the conscience of her community than she was before.

On a less important note, insomnia. It's not that big a deal. I've dealt with it my entire adult life. The first time you have to get up and go to work having not slept at all, it's a catastrophe. The 2000th time, it's routine. The body will sleep when it needs to. It's just unfortunate that we cannot adapt the world's routine to our own cycles of wakefulness and sleep.

Anonymous said...

ganja can make you paranoid and fuck with your sleep cycle. Not saying that is your situation. Just saying....

Keep yer chin up and the offer of a sponsor in America is real.

Kalamain said...

I have seen a lot of stalking/harassment of late.
Get some good legal help and protect yourself. You may not b able to find old threats...But if you get more keep them. Log anything and everything that happens. Its in your best interests!

I hope you get this sorted soon.

BTW...Stargazing is a great thing to do when I can't sleep.

Badjoke said...

Chiar daca iti gasesc adresa, ce poate sa iti faca? Sunt ei radicali dar nu sunt chiar atat de deplasati, cu toate ca nu neg faptul ca sunt cretini. Asa ca chill, ai grija pe unde publici informatii personale de acum inainte si sterge daca exista urme de genul care sunt inca publice. Hai Numai Bine!

PS: mi-e dor de o conversatie daia retardata "about my dick" ( am dat recent de postul cu pricina =)) )

GMcGrath said...

I hope this all turns out to be nothing, it's disgusting to see anyone using a false sense of righteousness and purity to scare or threaten anyone else. I hope these thugs end up being nothing more than a footnote, your videos are far too entertaining to see taken out by a group of loony bigots.

I'm with peach on the insomnia part, if it's still a problem, I hope the doc was able to help you out.

Be Safe.

Goose said...

Any group called the "New Right" sounds creepy. But they are Christian militia and there are plenty of these types throughout the Western nations. NEVER give into these reactionaries, NEVER. They cannot silence you.

Anonymous said...

So, who's your personal Judas?

Also, don't be such a tease! When the fascists invade your home and sodomize your cat with a baseball bat (before setting it on fire), we, your loyal fans, want to hear all about it in your next vid or blog entry. :)

Anonymous said...

bugger... it is sad to read.

But sleep via any form works.

Jonesey said...

Wow, reading that made me mad.
Just mad.
Though it didn't exactly surprise me, because I know people. And I myself have had a gang of (less dangerous, but still) a-holes besieging my building, throwing stones, ringing alarm and shit. And none of the neighbours would even care to comment. Once somebody even let them inside the building, just in order to stop the racket -.-
All I could do is sit it out, because police wouldn't take me seriously (I'm a 'hysterical, paranoid' woman, after all).
I was lucky and managed to avoid physical confrontation with that gang for some time, so they got bored and found some other misfit to molest.
Either way, next thing I did was join my local dojo and learn all I could about defense, psychological warfare and de-escalation :P
I guess, smart as you are and with all the things you know about people, you were somehow prepared for something like this.
I hope you have some good people around to keep an eye out and stand by to protect you, if necessary.
If not - http://tiny.cc/TryThis835


Anonymous said...

Another fan here- SenoritaLotus on youtube. I'm sorry you are being harassed for expressing yourself. We live in a cruel world. I wish you the best always and hope you know just how many people you reach. Keep on keepin on. Peace.

Anonymous said...


Nu știu dacă dobitocii de la ND ar fi in stare să treacă la fapte, dar nu vreau să-ți dau un sentiment de falsă siguranță.

Pe forumul ateilor din RO sunt ceva persoane, dar nu știu dacă sunt și persoane din Constanța. Dacă sunt, pe lângă prietenii la care poți merge, cursurile de autoapărare pe care le poți frecventa (la Constanța era și un dojo unde se practica ninjutsu - o artă marțială orientată pe aspectul practic), ai putea să încerci să iei contact cu ceva atei din Constanța.

Știu că e dificil să te încrezi în cineva pe net, dar ești deșteaptă și sigur te poți orienta și discerne ce și cum ;-) .

Între timp am să fac publică povestirea ta pe forumul ateilor.


Anonymous said...

Good tip, zergu :). 9-a Labă sa mi-o suga!

SaintStephen said...

You have such great artistic flair with colors and pictures, blondie! My first visit here. I really love the design of this blog, and your YouTube channel is simply superb.

I don't know what kind of support you need, but if I can help in some way, email me or PM me on Richard Dawkins website (SaintStephen). It would be a privilege to assist such a courageous and talented young lady.

Anonymous said...


SamKam said...

Something to consider -

Small-minded, power-hungry thugs like those you describe are most effective in the dark. Shining a light on them can cause them, like most vermin, to scatter. At the very least publicizing what they are doing establishes a public record making deniability harder. I'm not in Romania but have some experience in that part of the world and know such groups can be far scarier there, especially with tacit support from the government and police. Only you can judge what is right for you to do. But you might consider using either your blog or youtube channel to help you fight. The support you will receive from your legions of admirers might help as well.

Steve! said...

The Zomgits is an ass-kicking machine!
Hit 'em! Hit 'em with a stick!

Anonymous said...

love your channel, keep posting so we know you're still around

Reno Rambler said...

Thought this might be of interest:


Anonymous said...

I like very much your videos & commentary. Here's to a full recovery from your unfortunate accident. You're a credit to your generation. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Hi all!
Whoever is suggesting to make a complaint to the police doesn't know that it doesn't work this way in Romania.
Chris I love your inspirational videos, I love your courage. I wish I had the balls to make videos like that. You are talking the way many people would but they afraid to.
Maybe we all should do similar videos and then there will be too many people to threaten ! So these low life losers would realize that their threats don't work!

My youtube account is 'theromashka1'.

Anonymous said...

I subscribed to your youtube a few months back. Your fight for the rights of others is amazing. I hope you continue to keep up the fight and expose the lunacy of a lot of these right wing religious idiots. Btw, I just subscribed to your email as well. hercbat

Zoogleas said...

And if you do take those sleeping pills, be sure not to have supradozaj. :)

Anonymous said...



TheFinalHighlander said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheFinalHighlander said...

To word that better, it's interesting to see what all these people are saying about this "entry" regarding me. Shame they don't know how much of a whacked-out, paranoid idiot you have to be to believe any of it. Oh no I'm not complaining, I fully expect this "pity me" crap from you, I just feel that at least one person shouldn't jump on the "Cristina the brave martyr" bullshit bandwagon. For someone who claims not to be a victim, you sure can play one well. Vile snake.

Anonymous said...

Hey, FinalHighlander You know juvenile internet wanna be's really should take the time to do something creative on their own, before criticizing others. If you don't have the intellect to do that, which is apparent, then just shut the fuck up, before you look like a total ass. Oops, too late.

Anonymous said...

Is insomnia contagious?

TheFinalHighlander said...

Well thanks for your generic comment Greg but I do something creative every day so now maybe YOU want to shut the fuck up you sycophantic cunt.

zenigel said...

Probabil ca esti stresata si e firesc.
Ce mi se pare mie interesant e faptul ca daca ti-ar face ceva (ND) ar afla multa lume si s-ar autosesiza "structurle" iar ei ar cadea intr-o lumina foarte proasta la nivel national si nu numai.Practic si-ar da foc la caciula.

Eu nu sunt in locul tau si nu stiu ce e in sufletul tau,DAR as sta relativ linistit pt k daca ar fii vrut sa iti faca vreun rau (si nu sa te hartuiasca) ar fii facut-o de mult.
Oamenii care de obicei fac tot felu de amenitnari nu sunt genul care sa treaca la fapte si spera sa intimideze.

Your not alone!Don't act like you are...

Samus said...

Curaj Cristina!
As zenigel said: You're not alone!

Anonymous said...

News flash:

Jerking off to some internet fantasy about yourself isn't really all that creative.

Peter said...

Hey k-rina will you also make a video explaining abiogenesis (with evidence) ?

Your videos on Evolution and Big Bang were fantastic. I learned so much from watching your videos I hope you will continue making them.

I also read on twitter that someone offered you a telescope, may I ask what model ? I am a novice in astronomy but consider buying a telescope or at least binoculars.

k-rina said...

@ Peter

I don't think I'll be making a video on abiogenesis soon simply because I'm not that confident in my knowledge of it. I have been studying evolution since I was 17 and started reading about astronomy and Big Bang cosmology since almost 3 years ago ... therefor I could venture into producing those videos. As for abiogenesis, I do know and understand the basics but not enough to explain it in a properly made video. Maybe one day ...

As for your second question : I was asked to choose a telescope within a certain price range so I picked a Celestron with 130 aperture which is a perfect beginner scope, I'm so excited waiting for it to arrive! Though I would always recommend to first buy binoculars and get accustomed to the sky a little before trying a scope :)

Dan Buzzard said...

The reason they are threatening you is because they are losing. They are they a Girl making Videos on YouTube.

Keep up the good work.

Dan Buzzard said...

Opps big typo, I meant to say "They fear a Girl making videos on YouTube" :)

Asehpe said...

This is appalling. Indeed, I'd consult a human rights organization, as another commenter above suggested, to see what else you can do. It's not a question of being "someone else's victim" or of crying for help, it's a question of thinking realistically about your options.

You've already had quite an impact on this world; these threats only show how important you have been, how much you have made others grow and think.

No good deed ever goes unpunished, indeed.

Hang in tough. You're a great person and a good example for others who want to understand the world around them. Don't feel bad. Just look at how much support you got here in your blog. You mean a lot to a lot of people. There aren't many people in this world who can honestly say this.

Jon said...

Dear precious Cristina, you have an army of at least forty-five thousand youtube subscribers who would be at your side at the drop of a hat given the word!
And although I'm not well, hardly every sleep well and have to get around with a walking stick when the pain is too bad - I'd still manage to whack a few of 'em for ya and poke some of 'em in the eye with my stick!!
Lots and lots and lots of genuine love to you.
You are adorable in all the right ways (and all the wrong (well - naughty... ummm make that 'perceived to be wrong/naughty') ways...
Yes I'm male, but even if I was a female, I'd love and lust after you.
There's no-one like you on this planet. Anyone who has the utmost fortune of being called 'friend' by you is a fortunate one indeed.

I care very much about you. Thousands of us do Cris :)

Just a quick word about your insomnia.
Something is no doubt out of whack since the accident. I wish you could afford to get this checked out properly. I don't know what to think about chiropractors, but if you feel comfortable about them, you might need to check out your skeletal condition to see if something is out.
Something like diazepam might relieve the symptoms but I would've thought a joint would do just as good if not better. Even so, it's not dealing with the cause, which if left unattended can quite possibly lead to other problems down the track.
I so hope you can get this thoroughly checked Cris.

And lastly, please, please, be safe!
Love from jonathanzero.

mikatollah said...

Here in my little slice of west Texas heaven we like to brag that there is a church on every corner. Not literally true, but polite party conversations usually begin not with, do you go to church, but what church do you go to.

You are one brave woman to stand up to these narrow minded theocrats. Individually they are harmless, but be wary when they start to swarm. Their hate feeds off of one another and they become so convinced of their righteousness that they are capable of acts of violence... and not just our Muslim friends. The Christians too.

Thanks for what you do.

princeoflogic said...

I need more information on these bastards. I will hunt them down O-N-E B-Y O-N-E!

Rey Discomfort said...

I feel for you, I've experience insomnia in the past, and currently experience it now.

You're good with avoiding medication, in my opinion it really doesn't help, I've tried just about everything, and really the only thing that worked was boredom (which only happened when i was unemployed). I want to understand what you mean by your mind being 'clear' -- in respect to my condition (insomnia) it helps with stress, I would't label my mind as being clear, it's just that I become more apathetic, and less worrisome to the stressful things that occur in my life -- in my case it's a bad attitude of not caring, being in a zombie like state for most of my 'awake' time.

You've got a huge pair of ball on you, with the immediate threats and all -- as much as I complain about being approached by religious people, I can always walk away from it and there are no laws to prohibit me from expressing my disbelief and I have the luxury of being around religious moderates vs fundamentalist, but again, a huge pair, you have. I'd like to say I'd do the same in your situation, but mine would probably shrivel up given the chance.

Sorry about the length of my ramble, I really enjoy your videos and the amount of personality that you put into them.


sajid said...

i love you dear

Ádám said...

I like the state of mind I am in when I haven't slept for 20+ hours. I really do think more clearly in some ways and it spurs my creativity.. Or maybe rather my willingness to do something creative and not just waste the time.

So. I've been watching your videos for a few months now. I believe I stumbled upon them via Thunderf00t's favorited items and I was wondering ever since which country you are from. It turns out we are neighbors, since I am from Hungary.

Things aren't much different here. We too have a radical right wing party, Jobbik (jobb means right, also better, but they are sick fucks, believe me). They gained a lot of popularity last few years and yeah they hate gypsies, jews, non-christians, our neighboring countries and pretty much everyone else. They reserve the rights to tell people who are Hungarian and who aren't. If you'd live here you'd probably get a lot of threats if you were to speak out against antisemitism or something. I got an awful lot of violent threats and death wishes from their supporters mostly online but face to face too and I broke up a lot of friendships because of them.

I know it's against our principles to cower in fear of these bigot barbarians and not to speak our minds, but please watch out and make security your priority. Humanity can't afford to lose your intellect and passion and hotness and all your qualities.
Your kittehs would also miss you.

Oh and another thing. Do you happen to speak Hungarian? It's just a silly thing, I don't have any Hungarian speaking contemporary heroes, people I look up to, so that would make you the first and one and only ;)

Anyways. Take care. Sorry for bothering you with such a long comment. Peace, out.
-Adam Morva

Anonymous said...

"Noua Dreapta", a bunch of lunatics with way too much free time on their hands! Don't let them bring you down!
I hope that the person you were talking about won't betray you. It's so hard to find loyal people nowadays... anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend!
I love your videos, I really enjoy watching them so keep up the awesome work!
Ai grija de tine si sper ca idiotii de la "Noua Dreapta" nu te vor mai ameninta! I hate those no lifers!!!

Adi said...

What accident?!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, and I've only just seen some of your videos/blog via some link-hopping from reddit, but I just wanted to put in my voice of support for you, your work, and your views. I'll start following your blogs and such more regularly now. Sapere aude, Ms. Rad.

Anonymous said...

You seem to think your over reacting but we are human and its in our nature to get defensive when threatened, I'm a big fan of yours so dont let these assholes worry you just keep up with the good work there are just as many people out there who apreciate what you are doing :)

dancilhoney said...

A very common cause of insomnia is directly related to the atmosphere and comfort of the sleeping area.
rebound insomnia

Anonymous said...


I applaud you for not kowtowing to the thugs you've described. Nonetheless, you are aware just as much as me that this world is full of many very, very nasty players. Please be careful. While I don't concur with everything you argue, I have been absolutely astonished with your unrelenting brilliance. If you were just another good-looking young woman online I would not have glued myself to your posts for several hours. In short, it would be a shame to no longer see and hear your dialogue, and I hope that you continue doing what you've been doing for many years. You are phenomenally blessed intellectually. The great American trial attorney, Clarence Darrow, too was an atheist. Darrow was famous for putting fundamentalist William Jennings Bryant on trial (and making a fool of him) in the "Monkey Trial" in the early 20s. I see Christina Rad as the 21st century Clarence Darrow. Regards. Mr. Taylor Moore, Joliet, IL.

Mayamoi said...

What you do makes such a difference! It's wonderful knowing you through your videos. Please keep up the great work you make the world a better place. I hope those idiots who have troubled you find themselves in deep doo doo. They oppose you because they are dumb and you are smart and you wield the force and power of truth and they act out of fear and ignorance. Shame on them. I can't tell you how much I enjoy hearing your analysis and comments. You are brilliant! Brava my dear.

Anonymous said...

fuck them and fuck anyone who is against freedom if speech. they don't have the right to do so. you have my support my love.

Pete said...

I hope things have worked out for you; seeing that you are still on-line, I gather you've been able to weather the storm.

Your troubles with the nationalist group have made me considered the rise of conservatism and how that ideology finds fertility in uncertain times. In Canada, where I reside, we too have witnessed a growing and more electorally successful conservative element in our halls of power and media-social dialogue.

Even though Canada emerged from the financial collapse relatively unscathed--at least compared to the rest of the world--the conservative idealist have been able to use the politics and talking-points of fear to their considerable advantage. Granted, the conservative elements of my country's roots are well defined, the centre-left is usually where Canada has been ruled from for the majority of the last one-hundred and twenty years. However, the uncertainty of global markets and the way that we are subjected to America's turbulent political agendas has allowed a conservative dialogue to have gained considerable notoriety; where once it was relegated to the "loony bin."

Personally, I don't believe that nationalism, particularly the pride it can infuse in a people, is itself a bad thing. Sadly, the idealism and motivations that it fosters from its most ardent and extreme believers are often crippling for intelligent and respectful discourse.

In any event, like most everyone who reads and watches your on-line content, I want to encourage you to continue to fight the good fight. All ideologies run the course of their usefulness; hopefully Romania, Canada, and the rest of world grows tired of the politics of fear soon enough.


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