Aug 3, 2011

The US vlog

Sorry, sorry, SORRY this took so long, I had the video ready days ago but didn't have internet. First part is just an introduction and me rambling, feel free to skip it.

Part 1 - Introduction:

Part 2 - Las Vegas and New York:

I don't know how I managed to get NO footage or pictures with DJ Grothe or with Larry. Fail.


OneClownShoe said...

You have really boss hair and I would love to braid it sometime. :P xoxo

Alex David-Luc Taylor said...

I think I speak for all of America - we were lucky to have you!

Rich Rodriguez said...

Glad you had a great time in the States - hope you come back for another event soon.

In reason,

Rich Rodriguez

Kompani said...

Fantastic vlog.

Anonymous said...

I can see why they call it amazing.

So happy to see you had a great time.

Damian said...

Seems like you got a free flight/food/stay to party and meet youtube 'friends' . Theres nothing substantial about this; nothing concrete, sorry...You need to ground yoursel a little bit, Cris. You drinking starbux is not really landing on a Moon.

Anonymous said...

The LOVE HELIX is the true way.

Billy Clabough said...

Glad you had a good time. I hope you get to do it again =)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have a contest or something to give away all that crap.

thethegreenmachine said...

Well it's about time (just kidding). I'm glad you had a good time. How are the birds?

Anonymous said...

@Damien, CRINGE! This is her personal blog and she will post whatever she wants be it about her dogs and cats to birds and her trip to US. No one should have an issue about other people expressing themselves in their own blogs. If you don't care, go away then and don't bother to make yourself look like a fool. :)

Anyway Criss, I'm sooooooo jealous you have all those shirts, books and DVDS for free (and maybe the cameras too :p). What is the book and DVDs called though, you didn't mentioned.

Thunderfoot and healthyaddict- crazy
Gabe- hot
devchelle- hero
peach- very pretty100x smile

I'm happy for you. Have you ever thought before that your hobby would earn you all this? lol Lucky girl!

-Michelle (lady)

InuitInua said...

!!! Great vlog and I am pretty sure it was my tweet that got you guys doing the clapping game." I would like you two to do those clapping hand games that kids do."

This vlog and other videos I have seen from TAM is making me seriously consider going next year.

Anonymous said...

Green Day. Unsubbed.

But seriously, I would ware one of those African shirts but there's a lot of skin heads where I live and other clueless thugs. But if I ever want to go out in a blaze of glory I'll keep that shirt as an option.

Koed said...

Great to see you up and running again (sortof).
The Greenday bit really got me. Looks like you made friends for life.
Let me know how you're doing and if you need more help.

Made my day.

Anonymous said...

one of those cameras better not be mine!! he owes me a camera!! i won the competition ffs!!!! arrgh!!


Siobhan P said...

It tickles me that you thought most of the coffee everywhere was crap. I wonder if you'd have liked Green Mountain Coffee Roasters coffee (which is a Vermont product).

It's great when your work earns you benefits like this. I was disappointed to see that you're leaving Switzerland two days before I arrive (and you'll be too far from Geneva anyway), so I won't get to see you on a panel or anything. Sooo close. :) Oh well.

I appreciate your vlog and the time you put into this work.

Oh, idiot above me who posted shite, She EARNED this trip through her work. Her work and opinions have value. You are a total asshat, and your opinions aren't worth a trip to the corner shop, let alone to another country. Bitter/jealous much?.

byronand said...

That's very cool that people recognized you and were happy to meet you, and made you feel welcome! I'd feel the same way if I happened to meet you... like, OMGitsCris!!! Also, congratulations on your public speaking, and conquering your stage-fright. You're brave!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your self, Your video made me happy and sad, TF seems like a realy nice guy...

Anonymous said...

P.S Maybe I can get your autograph....;)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, I love that you had fun in the US. Your vids are always a bright spot in my day.-Greg

RediBand said...

Come out to the SF Bay Area next time.

Anonymous said...

That last "anonymous" person is a real ass hole, ignore them. Love you!


Cristina Rad said...

For the moron who keeps posting shit here : there is a little thing called You can see the counter on the front page on my blog below all posts, where it shows the number of views. Look into it. It shows you who comments on your blog, including IP, country and everything. Also, you can see who's posting from different usernames pretending to be different people. It also lets you block IP addresses from your blog. I really don't wanna go through all that trouble so just go do something productive with your day and let it the fuck go. I have no reason to put up with this shit on my personal blog.

Anonymous said...

Done, proved my point. The person who the posts were aimed at read them - you. Have a wonderful and happy life. Won't be around again. Promise.

Shannon (IrishShannonTomatoo @ YT) said...

hiya, Karina ^_~ i'm Shannon, Lyssie's girlfriend. Lyssie, as in (VampiressOnDaProwlq) lolz. i have a bunch to catch up on but i dig the vlogs and Amazing meeting venue thrill-orama and misadventures ;p i look forward to your soon return to the U.S. (hopefully Chicago next time so we take you on shopping tour of Michigan Avenue clothing and boutiques like in The Loop whoo!) for Atheist mischief, but way better planning and scheduling by certain people ;P so your next get-together with a couple very good friends is trouble-free ^-^ here's wishing but careful preparation do they dont fuck it up lolz ^_^ -Light & Love from your Shannicat ::meow::

DataJack said...

I am actually in this vid, sitting in the Del Mar, ignoring those around me, acting memorable.

Richard said...

Most people's vacation videos really suck, but there's something about the way you edit them that makes your's so enjoyable to watch. It's great that you had a good time and got to meet some of your internet friends. Doesn't the world seem like a smaller place now?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time! Looked like fun.

Ciumandocar said...

Felicitari! Era de asteptat asa ceva mai devreme sau mai tarziu, succesul a fost garantat de la primul video pus pe youtube.

Eu personal nu as lasa asemenea vizite doar la "statutul" de vizite, adica pana mea, ai stat langa Richard Dawkins!!!!
Cum revii de la asa ceva in Romania, cum parasesti meca civilizatiei New York si te intorci in Constanta. Imi cam fute creierul idea...

Pete said...

Do I have to be exceedingly drole to get Cris' attention too ;-)

Great blog and vlogs...its always interesting to get a world view that is from a different perspective.

Super Fun Happy Slide

VyckRo said...

Cersetoria este la mare pret, deci bani pt astacu picioarele in sus, bani pentru camera video, bani pentru calculator, calatorie gratis in us, haine gratis, eu deja mi s-ar face rusine sa si vorbesc de asa ceva.
Eu personal nu as fi acceptat nimic, decat cu promisiunea de a returna bani ind voi avea asa cv. Dar ateii au o alta moralitatedecat noi, baniesc!!!

byronand said...

Hi Criss, Would you please post a vlog on making good coffee? On behalf of America, we want to learn! :) Thanks! xo

DataJack said...

Byronand, she doesn't know good coffee, so she probably can't. The burnt swill that Europeans drink hardly counts as a beverage. No wonder she likes Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very very very much for the videos of your trip, looks like it was more than awesome. Vids made me cry few tears of happiness for you :).

Oh and I am so jealous you get to meet Ben and Dawkings :).

DataJack said...

VyckRo - you tiny, hate-filled little creature, I am certain you will never be offered any kindnesses like these that you sneer at, so you will never have to worry about turning them down.

Criss is a treasure to our community, and we are all fortunate that she was able to visit with us in the U.S. Go spew your venom somewhere else, troll, you are just a joke here.

Larry K said...

I'm glad I'm not in it. I'd just be one more in the besotted cavalcade, following ez pz, dick the dawk and bj (he don't need a nickname). I get
to keep my mystery, my je ne sais quoi.

Oh and Vyck - watch and learn. This is how you get treated when people like, admire and respect you and what you do. You might give it a try. Doing something people admire and respect, I mean, and not just venting your own jealousies and frustrations onto others.

Macrosmatic said...

I guess you've had fun!! =P

Anonymous said...

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Eddy @ Sceptici în România said...

Bună Cristina,

Sunt Eddy de la Sceptici în România și știu că o să mergi și tu la Denkfest. O să merg și eu împreună cu Ovidiu și vroiam să facem un interviu cu tine acolo. Ce zici?

Putem vorbi mai multe detalii la noi pe pagina de Contact de la noi sau pe email la podcast _a_rond_

Scuze de metoda de contact inedită, dar nu am găsit nici un email sau ceva similar.

Unknown said...

Welcome to American, 'Kid'. How ya liking far?

VyckRo said...


dar din pacate pt tine imi sunt oferite periodic, dar nu pt valitatea mea de "blonda".

Astazi plec la Rosia Montana, luna viitoare la o conferinta internationala desore experimentul pitesti, si in Decembrie evident in Basarabia.

Dar este o diferenta intre a fi invita sa participi la un eveniment culturar sau stiintific in legatura cu profesia ta, si a fi invitata pt ca esti blonda si ataci "frumos" civilizatia crestina.

VyckRo said...

@Eddy @ Sceptici în România

Sceptici ? care este legatura legatura dintre atei si sceptici? Atei sunt persoane care deja au luat o decizie si, din cate spune cel mai tare argument anti-ateist al meu nimic in lume, niciodata sub nici o conditie, nu ii mai poate convinge sa isi schimbe aceasta pozitie.

Atei deja considera ca cunos adevarul si prin urmare au aceasta superioritate tipic, "nazista", se considera pe sine superiori (superiori pentru ca sunt atei) si pe toti din jurur lor idioti ( idioti pt ca nu au descoperit "adevarul suprem" adica buu ateismul)

criteriamor said...

These videos were so funny and I like that we did the same thing on our trips to NY.

Milena said...

Haha about the coffee...It's cuz around here (and by here I mean North America, not actually here) they drink reeaallly weak coffee for some reason. The one we have in Romania is more like espresso, you know, smaller cups, stronger brew. Not here...big cups have won over flavour. Oh, and LOTS of cream!

Guilherme said...

Oh God, I was SO happy seeing your video and eating my apple then appeared these rats, I mean, religious people, and now I'm wondering to myself why haven't you hit them with stones, so they would suffered and screamed and bled and died? lol you really disappointed me. :T

Greetings from Brazil,

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be filming when you go to ausland?

Anonymous said...

Post another vlooooooog :)

groobiecat said...

dewt, great blog; following. you fight on the religious front, I'll fight on the political front (mostly American politics, but that's where the crazy frontier is, isn't it??).



miketv said...

Hi Cristina, saw the other night on Q&A. I can't believe that I haven't heard of you until now (could there be a theist conspiracy?). Love your vlog. Love your humour. Love your hair. Keep up the good work.

ps: That must have been so amasing meeting Richard Dawkins.

Andrada said...

Can I be your friend? I want your T'shirts, promise to wear them 24/7! :)

Shaedys said...

We want your blogs!
We appreciate the time you put into them.
Also your world population counter is still at 6.9 billion.
But yeah, mostly I want more blogs.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't argue with the voices in your head, they are right.

Superfun Happy Slide said...

Is Cris dead?

Tom said...

Criss make more blogs :)

Anonymous said...

So, like, when is the Australian vlog coming up?

DisenchantedDisciple said...

You met Richard Dawkins and Penn Jillette i'm so "god" damned jealous. Anyhow, just wanted to say that you brighten my day. Keep it up.

Luna Inyou said...

You're videos are really cool and you speak truthful things when talking about Evolution and man, and the big bang ect. But, I can tell you this with no shame, I am a Pagan believer which means yeah. I'm in a Religion(Wicca) which may be a contradiction when you think about it. I know evolution I was taught it in 5th grade and through out school but I accept a pagan based religion into my life as well.

Kinda weird, isn't it? It is to me and yet I like it.

I don't know, hopefully I can get a chance to talk to you and if your curious as to how I make my religion work with my Scienced based brain, you'd be surprised. XD

Anyway, keep up the awesomeness and remember just something for you to chew on. You don't have to be Atheist or Agnostic to know that yeah, Evolution occurred and Natural Selection took a place and everything else in between. Because I'm proof of that.

Blessed Be.

brian said...

Your the best.

brian said...

Your the best on Youtube.

Sizzling Hot Online said...

Buna, ce se intampla? De ce nu ai mai miscat nimic?:)

Anonymous said...

ello i just a nobody a felloe athiest. my vids on youtube are no where as good as yours. i dont think youll respond to this cause im no one but i like your vids. i admire you. and your so cute.. well srry u wont see this or respond..

Anonymous said...

im Niege on youtube nyte275 y am i saying this u wont see it u have too many people wanting to see u... cry cry...

G. Simpson said...

I really loved the montage set to Green Day at the end. Beautifully edited. I'm sure all the panel discussions and speakers were fascinating, but all those wonderful people you met are what you'll remember most fondly... Can't wait to see you--and my other heroes!!--at The Reason Rally! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Acuma cutomanii dreseaza si ii instiga maidanezii sa atace oamenii pe strada.Oamenii sunt hartuiti de acesti psihopati asa zisi iubitori de animale.Au gasit o metoda sa faca rau celor din jur.

tod blast said...

you need to get a job and stop pimping people for visas and trips. honey you are nothing special,have some fucking grace!

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Are you there??? You haven't been here since like 8 months!!

Kenneth Katona said...

You are a fascinating individual.I'm glad I meet you for friendship & intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone?

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous how adorable she is.

Meg said...

Nice vlog :)

Anonymous said...

I went to the same Sunday School as Penn Jillette. Same pastor, but Penn is about 10 years older than I.

Must be something about that Church that turns out atheists with ease. Maybe we can patent whatever it is, bottle it, and sell it...or give it away for free would be gooder.

Anonymous said...

btw, I watched the HeyRuka response vid, and I sent you this link via twitter in support:

Peer-reviewed and destroys the IQ raicial-gap gambit.

Anonymous said...

One last thing. I know it's a long-shot, but do you know a Bucharest girl Simona Katrina. Her father is a gyno doc and her mother worked for Ministry of Commerce or something. Simona lived in Amsterdam, but now I don't know. She is very cute and very smart, just like you :)

Will you locate her for me? kthxbai. lol

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