Aug 3, 2011

The US vlog

Sorry, sorry, SORRY this took so long, I had the video ready days ago but didn't have internet. First part is just an introduction and me rambling, feel free to skip it.

Part 1 - Introduction:

Part 2 - Las Vegas and New York:

I don't know how I managed to get NO footage or pictures with DJ Grothe or with Larry. Fail.

Jul 6, 2011

Dude, where's my boobz ?

This was supposed to go up a couple days ago but my internet is being an asshole.

Jun 29, 2011

US Visa thing

If I seem completely out of it it's because I am. Just too exhausted to react. See you tomorrow :)

Jun 21, 2011

I can save your life in the wilderness !

My internet has been mostly (as in 95% of the time) down these last few days, so this is what I've been up to.

I. need. sleep.

Jun 15, 2011

Navy showers for my birthday please ?

Cats rule the Universe. Birthdays are lame.

From the almighty Wikipedia :

"A navy shower (or "sea shower") is a method of showering that allows for significant conservation of water and energy by turning off water during the "middle" portion. An initial thirty seconds or so are used to get wet, followed by soap and lather, which is then rinsed off in a minute or less. The total time for the water being on is typically under two minutes.

Navy showers originated on naval ships, where supplies of fresh water were often scarce. Using this method, crew members were able to stay clean, while conserving their limited water supply. The idea has been adopted by many people who wish to conserve water and the energy needed to heat the water, for both environmental and economic reasons. Maritime cruisers often take navy showers when they are not in a port with easy access to fresh water. A ten-minute shower takes as much as 230 L (60 U.S. gallons) of water, while a navy shower usually takes as little as 11 L (3 U.S. gallons); one person can save 56,000 L (15,000 U.S. gallons) per year."

Jun 9, 2011

Breathing can kill you!


Jun 6, 2011

I walk with purpose!

Jun 5, 2011


Jun 4, 2011

I vlog on my blog or something

etc and such

Jun 1, 2011

Moving. Cats. More Cats. Awesome Hair.

Looking absolutely glamorous.

For the "Cribs" video I mentioned, click HERE !